New Idea for Drops

Anyone else like the idea of dead enemies dropping both their weapons?

Only if Executed, that way it gives players a risk/reward system.


brutally rips off head and punts it like a football

Yeah,I like that idea

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Okay Cliffy B

[This user has been suspended for using heretical sarcasm against the almighty CLIFF]

Didn’t Cliff say only drop ammo if you executed?

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I think ammo or even just the gun you were holding.

It would be tough to bring them to a ‘downed’ state.

If you see an enemy carrying the power weapon you want, you have to avoid going in for one-shot gib kills, and instead pour multiple shots from a distance to actually down that person.

Of course, possible workaround could be to knife that person.

Have you ever played Gears before?

You’re kidding right?

I’m just saying its to much work…

How about this idea…

You kill an enemy and the enemy drops a box.
That box contains grenade, two primary weapons and pistol.

So when you interact with that box, you could selectively choose what weapons you want, and what you can discard.

This idea sounds bad, but I am just listing out another possibility.

Yeah that might work for a game mode but seems pointless even then

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