New Hotfix TU 5.1.1 - 5/5/20 (New control scheme added)

MAY 5, 2020


Baird builds a map

We have just rolled out another small Hotfix Title Update to Gears 5, shortly after the release of TU 5.1 last week.

The purpose of this hotfix is primarily to address a small issue introduced in TU 5.1 that needs to be resolved as part of our Xbox Live compliance. There was no user facing impact based on this issue, and there will be no user facing change after this issue is addressed.

Additionally, we’ve also taken the opportunity to sneak in a few additional small fixes with this hotfix!

  • Added the new Shooter Control Scheme
  • ‘Assault Rifle Kills’ Tour Objective will now appear correctly
  • Fixed an incorrect logo on the Elevate content
  • Mouse: Fixed an issue preventing interaction with the quick menu if a pop up alert was active


So who’s going to try this?

Doesn’t look good to me.

If you walk bounce, how will you ever melee or vault?

Did this take away the emote button?

Just do that anyhow.

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What does Y do now? Why do this?

Bringing back Guardian would have been a better Hotfix!


What an interesting control scheme. Like a mash up of call of duty, classic alt, and default.

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Yeah it’s basically Call of Gears


They sneak in any other changes this week with characters skill cards?

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Well, I’m gonna give this new control scheme a try. I’ve been waiting for something different to try, control scheme wise.

There will be a problem with putting melee on R3. I’m having flashbacks to 2007 COD4 and knifing the air instead of sighting up.

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Am I stupid, or is there no roadie run button in this layout?

Edit: Yes I am… Left Thumbstick Click.


Us olds need to stick together


Well, i wont try that control layout but i will mess around with it remapped on my elite, try to play around with paddles, etc, see how it works…

They rrally, really, really need to move specials away from the reload button… How many time my game starts to reload when i try to activate my ultimate ( RB LB in classic alt)

Wait… Looks like they did it here…

Ok, def will try it.

Wait, wait…


For months we have been screaming how linking reload and chainsaw was a huge mistake, and how it keeps resulting in jams when trying to revvup, etc, etc…

Hahahha… What did these (sorry, have to say it) idiots do?

"Ohhh, ok… No more chainsaw on reload… But lets now put… REVIVE ON RELOAD!!! So now the reload wont be screwing up chai saw revvups, it will be screwing up attempts to pick up downed team mates!!!

They had an opportunity to undo the biggest IMO mistake re controls, to leave reload for reload, and they blew it! They exchanged a big problem for a bigger problem!!

Ok, this shows to me that they have no clue about how this game is actually played outside of their labratory conditions…


I’ve been playing the shooter scheme.

Still have to get used to the getting out of roadie running to shoot. It seems take cover is on press and not release but I can’t 100% verify.

I don’t like how you can’t emote with it. Has anyone figured it out?

I don’t play claw and will never learn/take the time to learn. I hate how it feels.

This allows me to wallbounce and shoot with keeping both thumbs on the stick.

The big difference between this and tournament is removing evade from take cover.

And no it doesn’t interfere with revives. I have yet to relax instead of revive someone. What it does do is reach over to grab an enemy that isn’t there instead of reload sometimes.

If you play other shooter games this also helps cuz it’s similar to them as well.

I like this new shooter scheme. I’ve almost been able to completely replicate my tournament scheme. But it has a major flaw (more like a very annoying bug).

If you remap left-click to LB you can’t consistently cancel the roadie run when you release LB. The character will constantly keep running. And roadie strafe left & right is not consistent at all, it has an annoying delay. On a positive note, I no longer mistakenly roll :+1:t3:

This is still my favourite controller set up, I play claw.

Just a shame I roll instead of slid and stop short of locking on to cover. :man_shrugging:

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Just put chainsaw back on B. I FING hate it on hold rb. And as others have said even though that is bad it is somehow worse these past few weeks.

Every, EVERY game It will not rev up, or snag half way through several times. It doesn’t work when leaning, crouching in cover etc…

It is a mess. What is even more infuriating is what do you need to press to duel? FECKING B.

On 3 and 4 it is flawless.


This right here it sux cuz it’s a good scheme otherwise but back to classic alt till they fix that atrocious roadie run

No, there’s a reason many cover based shooters copied gears and gears worked fine for 5 games without needing to copy fps in my opinion

LMFAO, meanwhile the Y button has nothing to do.

Also, the A button for tac-com just seems like a wasted opportunity. Why not let that button maintain at least one of its original functionalities (Roadie Run, evade, or cover/mantle), that way the transition to this could be a little smoother for many of us who have played with default controls for 14 years.

Just give us full action remaps instead of a scheme remapper.

I like the idea of being able to separate all of the movement actions, but that scheme looks atrocious. I’d also like run/cover slide to be the same button and roll to be its own button.

Gears 5 should also support full individual action remaps to the Elite controller paddles. The last time I tried one, you can only map the paddles to actions that are already mapped elsewhere; that is a huge waste of potential.

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Still true for elite controllers last I looked.

Maybe we just don’t need to roll at all in Gears. Usually if I do it’s unintended.

I see some evade with a side roll, but it would be more effective to strafe or just run would it not?