New Horde Spawning Pattern (Post-Locust, Pre-Lambent) - Post Op6

Hey guys,

TC added Locust enemies in Horde recently (Tues 4/27) as you all may know just after the Nexus Siege event ended. So I took the time to create an Excel spreadsheet to narrow down and figure out the new enemy spawn rotation. I compiled data from multiple Twitch streams to get enough data,

I believe they took out 4 enemies - Swarm Drone/Grenadier/Sniper & Buzzkill Scion - from the previous spawn system that’s been around since launch. I suppose those will be added back to when they put the Lambent enemies in.

I will update this list when the Lambent enemies are added into the game,

Observations to note:

  • Bolter (hold Boltoks) and Cyclops (holds Lancer) spawn on all three enemy sets
  • Locust Hybrids (they hold Retros) only spawn on Juvie waves
  • Palace Guards (hold Lancers/Torque Bows) only spawn on Juvie waves as well
  • Bastions only spawn on Juvie waves
  • Ice Scions only spawn on Juvie waves
  • Dropshot Scions only spawn on Imago/Leech waves
  • Boomshot & Mulcher Scions spawn on all three enemy sets
  • Elite Drones appear on each enemy set
  • Locust Grenadiers/Grenadier Elites (these enemy throw frags) spawn on each enemy set

Boss Spawns
Imago/Leech waves ----- Snatcher, Waakatu
Juvie waves ----- Swarmak, Matriarch
Robot waves ----- Snatcher, Kestrel

Carriers only spawn on Wave 15 of regular horde and on Horde Frenzy boss waves occasionally. Flocks have been demoted to mini-bosses. And of course, Wardens, are just normal enemies now.

Anyways feel free to use this as a reference through your Horde adventures.

Google Drive link for the photo for better quality/download.

  • Shwazzy

Near Complete New Enemy Rotations Spreadsheet

I made a post exactly like this already. I will admit though it does looks way better than mine. Everything looks good though besides what you said about Wardens not spawning on robot waves. They absolutely do. Ive seen them on Wave 8 and Wave 9 of robot waves. Sires also do spawn on imago/leech waves as well. Waves 6 to 9.

Warden on Deebee Waves

Sires on Imago/Leech Waves


Swarm …locust

They are all the same to me


Interesting, I’ve pulled info from like 7-8 streams (Overload, Tomb, Blood Drive, Dam, etc…) and I never once got a Warden on Robot waves or a Sire on Imago/Leech waves. Then again the way stuff spawns in this game is weird. Solo vs full lobby before the new enemies were added made a huge difference…i.e. no Scions if you were alone but they appear if you had a full squad.

This is just for Regular 1-50, Frenzy is a bit of everything every wave,

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Yeah idk whats going on in frenzy. Just seems like a cluster of all the enemies. Theres buzzkills. Swarm drones and swarm snipers in frenzy. But no regular swarm grenadiers in either horde mode. Lol



That’s weird. Just tested solo on Foundation and got Wardens on Robots 8-9 and Sires on Imago/Leech waves 6-9, Sounds like it’s a rare spawn that either happens solo or just on certain maps but good info regardless lol

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Yeah they’re in frenzy. Just played a game with them in it.

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It may be because there’s too many “heavy” enemies on the map already. Ive seen 5 dropshot scions on the map at the same time before. Ive also seen 4 protectors and 2 boomers all standing next to each other. May be a case of just too many heavy enemies on the map so the game doesn’t spawn anymore.

Is it just me or do these changes not apply on the map Overload. Played on that map solo yesterday to do a bit of grinding and there was no locust whatsoever, just the pre locust spawns. The other tile maps have the new spawns but not Overload it seems.

Yeah, so I find Small Map isn’t very Funny to play as you can literally Control the Whole Map.

Big Map like today’s Dam, you find the Spawn keep appearing Dropshot like you said, or Palace Guard & Elite Drone & Locust Hybrid with Boomshot & Mulcher Scions spawning Together etc.

Warden is another Thing because it appears randomly. I somehow saw Today’s Dam in Wave 8 Freezy appearing Swarmark + Wakaatu + Warden , so we got wiped lol :joy:.

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The Warden, Swarmak and Wakaatu combo in frenzy is my favorite part about this update. Its such a cluster of enemies but BM can make short work of them. Im sure it’ll be changed because I know im in the minority when I say that, i know people don’t like those 3 enemies all spawning at the same time.

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I vaguely recall a post from Michael saying those 3 together wasn’t intended, presumably the Wakaatu spawning alongside Swarmak is the unintended bit.

I can certainly see why people would hate having the toughest(health wise, anyway) enemy alongside the Wakaatu(it would have the n.1 spot for flyers if not for the Kestrel existing, not that it seems to make a difference for the ridiculousness that is the Demo’s ult) at the same time while getting charged by Wardens and other stuff.


I wish they would fix actual problems in the game like enemies not having audio instead of changing boss enemies lol

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Potentially unpopular take : The same could be said for having these Locust enemies in, even if they may have added to the variety some(though really, a bunch of them will have existed in the Campaign since launch in the form of Swarm units, minus the weapon picking, so why there weren’t any Retro Drones and what have you in since then also makes no sense to me). Not to take away from them or anything but it’s a probable reality that it took away from other things in the works or that got canned because of it.

But that’s beside the point. I don’t care about the enemies I shoot up so long as they’re giving me my bang for the buck whenever I bother to go back to this game(although I’m probably part of the group who’s into the new more than the old, even if Locust aren’t really bad per se). Assuming that I do, anyway.

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I definitely agree with you but people have been asking for the locust back in horde since Gears 4 came out. I never ever would’ve though they would come back especially after Dana said multiple times that they would never come back to horde.

I dont think they have too many people working on 5 atm because Michael Shannon said he literally did all the work for Nexus Seige by himself, and its been known for awhile that TC is helping make Halo Infinite and theyre most likely starting or in the middle of production of Gears 6. Im not trying to make excuses for them but with everyone leaving TC they’re probably spread pretty thin over there.

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Matriarch is the Run killer if you ask me

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Yeah I’ve definitely wiped more to matriarchs than any other boss, especially when nobody grabs a cryo to slow it down

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Them adding back the locust was a smart decision IMO. Horde needed more enemy variety and lacked enemies that used the Lancer, Boltok, and the newly added Scorcher. So instead of just putting these guns in the hands of the swarm they decided to add something that a decent chunk of the community had been asking for.

Plus once the lambent are in, we will have a horde with all the major enemy factions from across the series. Which is pretty neat.

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Oh, the mode definitely needed more enemy variety, I’m not going to deny that. But it’s no secret(or it shouldn’t be) that the work going into them clearly was taken away from other areas of the game that also need working on.