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New Horde is an absolute mess

I totally agree, I dislike fahz but man do i want his cards for emile or kat.

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Personally i think gears 3 horde was the peak of it. It was simple yet challenging, Everyone started the same; you want a gun? go pick it up of a dead body. You want that OP silverback? kill enough enemies to earn points to buy it, non of this power pick up annoyance. The base hold out was preset around the map, you just needed to pick one and go upgrade it over time. I hated it how it was on judgement with the whole class pick thing, gears 4 was tolerable but it brought a whole bunch of issues trying to force team work, not to meantion people would scream at each other over where to put the fabricator. People either left once they got the wave 20 bounty, or complained at everyone else chosen class then left. Gears 5 seems to be more of the same but worst. I want that dessert gear JD but i dont see myself playing much looking at how it is now.

I think they should have stuck with gears 3 formula and add stuff to it, make it better. The whole pick a class thing is not working, it never worked. It’s a mess.


a horde can’t be traversed, he always throws. throws all the players one by one, no matter how many we are. fix it! and what if I want to play with strangers in non-beginner mode, I need to turn on a survival feature. that should be the last step. strangers are always at greater risk, clumsy, get out, hear more easily.

You nailed it. I agree with every single issue you just mentioned. That sums up exactly how I feel about it too man.


Unfortunately with the state multiplayer is in we don’t know if people quite or DC’d…I’d wager it was a network DC instead of a quit from what I’ve seen on the forums.

Just got wave 44 and we were booted amgoing back to gears 4 this gears 5 is so so bad pay extra for ultimate edition more like a beta test :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

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90% of the time it just crashes or the leader leaves and we get no cards at all. Just kicked.
Everyone just hoards energy so Del(me) can’t even build. I’m to the point where I see everyone hoarding energy so I don’t bother rezzing them or building stuff. Pretty bad when people are so selfish it makes your goal to see the match fail.

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I started playing Emile-A239 and running as a Scout like in gears 4. I will only buy the Health perk to LV4 and then deposit everything in the fabricator. As well as run heavy weapons back to base for anyone who might need them. Marking all targets that I can and just shotgunning/knifing/sprinting around. I’m enjoying that playstyle the best and people are catching on to their roles a little better because of it. Still doesn’t help when the servers kick you mid game though.

Yeah… I hate how characters have their own set class and characters are limited in both horde/escape. Why can’t I use Kait in escape? Or why can’t I use Keegan in horde? It’s just limiting the character options. I also can’t stand when the game auto changes your character if someone else is playing your character, It ends up choosing a random character for players and then the players end up leaving the game because they’re not their character.


I agree with you. I love playing horde in gears 4 but in 5 it just feels like there is too many restrictions. The engineer got super nerfed in this game I use to enjoy playing him but now it’s no fun. You give every other character a skill tree to buy extra perks from but not the engineer.

Locking characters to specific classes is also no fun at all let us pick the characters we like as fans of your game. It doesn’t feel like this game was made for the fans.

Gears 4 horde is still the best and 5 should be reworked to act more like 4.


Honestly ive not made it past wave 24. Forced class on a character and no restarts after the first modifier who the hell thought it was a good way to get people to play, i already had a hard time getting to wave 50 often in gears 4 because all the people that left at wave 20 because bounties for finishing 20 waves. but this one is actually unbeatable online with strangers as far as ive played so far… i dont have 4 other people i play with on xbox especially not 4 id sit in a party with arguing over who plaus what characters

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This.And they learned nothing how to build a good lobby.We are in 2019,nearly 2020…the devs are not able to build an working lobby system.What the heck are these guys doing i wonder.Not that bad working Gears 4,with decent Chars,working progress,and the card system was ok.nothing speacial but everyone knows what to do and what the cards are use to.
And now watch the horde.On PC is a never ending ■■■■■■■ mess.For what are Team Points?Its xp?Or is it only points for defending 50 waves to geh shown on any scoreboard iv not seen till now?For what ultima team bonus cards?I want progress cards to my effing char.Fast build or more dmg,more health.there is nothing left.
No serverbrowser for horde…why not?Goes not in my head.Did they never played this semselves?This system is the hardest ■■■■ ive ever seen.
the onliest thing they worked out is filling in bots if someone quits or drops.Thats all thy have done.
2020 and no mapvote.I cant believe that.Gears 2 ,there was mapvote…

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I played through FIFTY WAVES last night on beginner I was level 5.

While I did get the achievement for finishing 50 levels on any difficulty there was a server connection issue so I never got my player points! I AM STILL LEVEL 5 after playing for 2 hours!

Thanks Uncle Fester!


Agree 100%
get a skin (who ever you want to play) start with a lanzor and a shootgun, pick the guns you want into the blue box and that’s all. Everyone can use energy to create anything you need. Everyone can be a sniper, engineer, or a magical donkey this way everyone will be happy and choose the gameplay he like. Everybody happy.
At best keep the “skills” upgrade the power, resistance … why not.

horde in gow 5 will be closer to gow 2 ahahahah what a joke.
I think the peoples who say that never play any horde in any gears of war at all.

gameplay rules:

  • be forced to use something you dislike into a game, do not give you any fun in any ways.
  • be forced to be someone you do not want to be, made you quit the party
  • be stuck with peoples who do not want to play someone they dislike made you quit the party
    and who say that ? >> Cliff Bleszinski << the creator of GOW!

Get some mates then ! Lmao it’s a blast I’m loving it, I to have hours on gears 4

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Yeah, I just loaded in for the first time. What’s got me bothered is that I’ve always been a solo horde player. Lol. I just enjoy running around myself. My goal is always to beat level 10 by myself, and if im feeling it, beat level 20. I’ve just always enjoyed the game and the mode, but don’t necessarily care whether I play with others or not. But, I’ve enjoyed the challenge of playing solo. From my first look, I can’t even do that! Lol. They add AI bots to your team! I don’t want AI bots, I want to run this ■■■■ myself and take out all enemies.

I’m sure I’m in the minority as a solo horde player, but I’ve been doing this since the original horde when I couldn’t always get a group together. I love playing it that way. Wonder if I can find a way to not have bots. But, upon first glance, I don’t think so, and that’s just annoying.

Between the map selection and difficulty there’s a box that says, “horde - survive 50 waves.” You can click that to get more options and remove your bots.

Nice. I’ll have to check that out. I swear I looked at every spot for options on that. I’ve always felt their horde menu is a bit strange or convoluted. Hard to find what you’re looking for sometimes and the whole setting up a ‘lobby’ thing. I mean, I get it, when you’re trying to find a team, it makes more sense. But, again, I’ve run so much solo horde over the entire series, that I just want a quick setup and go without the lobby. Lol.

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I totally agree with you in this. I’m a huge fan of hordes and I totally enjoyed Gears 4 hordes even on inconceivable difficulty level I completed all 50 levels on several maps, however I can’t say same about this new horde. Gears 5 needs an update to keep us playing this game for long. The class system is a huge screw up and and also team work is a very frustrating no one seems to even work together to even get past wave 20.


The only thing that really irritates me about it is people who character swap in lobbies and it forces everyone lower in the list to swap to someone else. Had so many games where people change last minute and im then stuck on something that isnt really set up for the difficulty in doing so i have to leave to go for a different one. Making that group of people have 1 less person now.