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New Horde is an absolute mess

Long time Horde fan here with over 2000 hours in Gears 4 Horde. What in the world happened?
Menus are a disaster. Forced characters, forced skills, forced playstyle, I don’t even know who the hell is a Scout or Engineer at the lobby. I can’t play the HALO Reach characters because I prefer the Heavy Class and Sniper.

I can’t pick my skills and abilities, I literally just feel like a dude with a gun running around because the removal of Gears 4 features has made it feel clumsy and chaotic which has made teamwork difficult. Fortifications seem downgraded and somewhat useless now. The removal of weapons is a shame. What was wrong with the Horde from Gears 4? It’s the same engine. You literally had a great mechanic. All you had to do was keep it and add content. Don’t remove any weapons. Add some. Don’t remove any skills. Add some. Keep all the original fortifications and just add new one’s. Don’t remove the ability to play any character. Add some and keep classes. I feel conned to be honest. I just am not having any fun with Gears 5 at all. It makes Gears 4 look like the holy grail in comparison. I just can’t keep playing as JD. And to be forced too is a complete insult. The power system removes any and all teamwork. Now everyone is playing for themselves. Total disappointment and a waste of $80.00. I won’t make that mistake again. Putting the game down until they make some serious changes and going back to playing other titles.

Some people want to play a special character. For me, the only reason I shelled out $80 was for the Reach character skins to use in Horde. But as a Heavy or Sniper. Now I’m forced to play as an Engineer or Scout.
And what this does is gives TC a profit motive. They can then sell you other Heavy or Sniper characters. Diversifying the chances of other people playing them. Encouraging you to buy them for that spot. It’s a foul tactic and one that should be discouraged completely. This whole game feels like a gutted version of Gears 4.


Yeah they really screwed up horde in this, they took all the worst ideas of Judgement’s survival/over run mode and crapped all over horde mode with garbage people did NOT want.


Oh man i really friggen hate the idea they have going.

i really like fahz’s loadout but i hate the character. i dislike the character all together


Indeed. At this point I’d love to be in the TC meeting Monday morning when they discuss player reception and sentiment. I haven’t seen a player base this angry since Battlefield 5’s release.


What I’m wondering is they had all that data and fine tuning of weapon stats from Gears 4. All that data and feedback yet they didn’t implement any of it. Seems they tossed it out the window completely. So my guess is they don’t even read player feedback. They’re like the Michael Bay of devs. Too busy to read reviews while they’re working on the sequel.


Sadly I’ve seen this with other developers several times as well where we know they saw what worked in the older games but they shake up the etcha-sketch and start over from scratch regardless. I think this is what we used to call “the good idea fairy” where it sounds really cool in your head and the confirmation bias with your coworkers tells you it’ll be great but your player base solidly rejects it because it’s too different from what they loved about the core game\mode. Really the only thing that can earn TC any points is to revert the mode or bring back the older version along side of the new mode.


I don’t see a point at all to even have classes in this version of horde…I’ve never had a Del/Kat act like an engineer. It really does make playing it very messy and you are absolutely right, just sucks the teamwork eight put of the “team” based mode. Even in Escape there is hardly if any teamwork going on I’ve noticed. Horde has evolved over the series, I remembee the good ol days of Gears 2, no classes, no fortifications, just pure survival, then in 3 they revolutionized the experience, it was great! 4 took it to a whole new level, those at first I did feel a little restricted by the class system, but after a while, it grew on me. It was actually pretty damn fun in my own opinion cause yeah…you had bonuses for a specific weapon set, but you were not FORCED into it, nor locked into a specific character. I agree 100% with you. TC has to do something, hell even if they strip it, and take it back to Gears 2 horde, it’d be a billion times better than this cluster f***.


This is why people hate the new horde as well, sure you could ignore the class system all together if you wanted in GOW 4 and just played whatever, but if you did take advantage of the different weapon power boosts everyone could have a role to play that allowed the whole team to do well.

2 weeks ago I was in a game with a scout, and a heavy, we were killing it and not a sentry to be found just decoys, barriers, and us shooting. We fought as a team and won because each of us used the strengths of our classes,


To make things worse. Literally every public match I join. Everyone is doing well and about wave 20 everyone drops out and it fills with bots who are useless. Look. I know this was an issue in Gears 4 because some scout or engineer didn’t do their job. But this is unbelievable. I’ve never seen it this bad before. 18 games so far and everyone has dropped out. I know it’s because of the forced character/playstyle. It’s made a lot of people salty for very good reasons. I too despise what they’ve done. But I’m still just trying to enjoy the game. But I can’t even do that and it’s day 2 of release. They seriously need to fix this.


100% agree … They tried to improve gears 4 horde but they made it a mess instead …

I picked fahz in one game and no one could pick power from my kills … no boost for scout to run around and pick them up … just some wasted powers and no upgrades for further waves …

They need to get rid of picking powers completely … powers must be collected automatically from across the map …

Players only concern should be upgrading / fighting & action.


They should just give us bare bones horde and call this mess swarm


I feel like they fixed some stuff in a very sensible way but left other similar problems in. Scouts no longer getting extra energy from pickups, but instead making energy drops nearby worth more is a good change and removes the frustration of racing people to pick up energy to save them from their own idiocy. BUT the Engineer getting a discount on building fortifications and having other people waste energy building them instead is left as is. Why not make the discount a squad thing for having the engineer? It would remove the frustration without changing the balance at all.

The class/character lock currently is rough as well, mostly because whatever potential benefit there could be isn’t even present. The ultimate’s outside of Marcus’ seem very generic and most character/class combos aren’t super intuitive anyway. Like, I guess Kait is more like a Scout than JD but Fahz would never read clearly as Sniper to me.

Remove the lock and put big clear class labels on each person on the scoreboard and tac-com and add the quick horde mode that only goes to wave 20 since that’s where everyone quits most of the time anyway.

Horde is still fun but it’s currently not an upgrade from 4.


I agree whole heatedly. That’s what Horde has been about for the past three titles. It’s built into the DNA of the game and players expect that now. All they had to do was remove Bounties (Which encouraged players to drop after wave 20)
And automatically apply power to the fabricator (Which caused a lot of players to drop out due to an inactive scout.) And apply a penalty to points gained for dropping out period. Then all they had to do was keep all the content they had programmed and textured. And just add more. New maps, New guns, New fortifications, New Class Skills, New Characters. That’s literally all they had to do to make it better.



Horde needs a massive rework. Character levels are fine but where are the bounty’s the Time -XP gains is awful and makes the mode not worth playing. Went from 11-16 an hour for that. Need to adjust a lot in the mode maybe look at Gears 4s

Thats the post i put up i 100% agree needs a rework.


Absolute piece of ■■■■. If you getting this to play through the main campaign then its ok I guess. If you a long time horde fan don’t waste your money or your time. I played horde for the past 2 days straight and was not able to complete one game. Myself or my team members would get kicked out by the server (connection issues). Well that is until tonight, after playing a 3 hour match, starting with a full team, I was left with one team mate at the end of the game who was not kicked out. Only to find when we win and I’m about to get my rewards…the server looses connection and the F***ng game gives me sweet F*** all.

Looking at my stats it shows that I have not completed one horde game to the end. I’m done wasting my time on this. At least until the devs can get their ■■■■ together and give the public what they payed for.

Right now this games multiplayer is just a joke.


I got this almost exclusively for Horde. For you can understand my sheer disappointment.


First of all, I am from germany, so excuse my english pleace. But I am wreally happy, that I am not alone. The Horde Mode from Gears4 was great in my eyes. Different classes, different perks, choose whatever charakter you fu***** want to play. But what they have done? The horde in G5 is terrible, i doesnt make any since to play and complete a game? F*** its easier to find a scion in real live than to finish a game there. Message to TC: Whatever what plans you had for the horde mode in G5: Go and throw them far away and give us the horde mode of gears4 back and just add new things.


Messed up all what was to mess up…Theres no progress…spending much time for what?For boosting Team Points?WTF…All the time out of ammo,everybody steals other ones energy.Ammo boxes been camped out.
Maps too big,no base building.No teamplay.
6 Chars to choose in horde…others iam pretty sure u can buy later for Iron.That is the only thing that works.The SHOP is UP since Day1!Terrible developer.
Wondering its not like NBA2k20…
No Mapvote.If u leave a lobby and go to next,you get connected from the last Lobby.
Games starting at 50 secs left and 2 mates in it.
No double chars…not that bad at all but with 6!!! chars choice?omfg…who decided this.
Yu join as Kait lvl 9 and a lvl 1 Kait connects and kicks you out of your shoes.And no time left to choose another char.
Leaving lobby and joining another resuslts in : 0x00000c46
What did these guys do in beta?
Skillcards with no progress…
Skillcards as close as hell to another,you cant handle or see which youve chosen.
The hole progress thing is messed up


Horde should be simple, classes are a good idea if properly implemented, a permanent slot for the Scout and the Engineer and the other slots for any of the other classes, no second Engineer or Scour. I do think there should be two Scouts, a collect and a Tank, however only the collector gets to pick up Energy. Engineers only build and repair.
The Energy is dumped at the end of the round, unless the Scout does so for a bonus.
If a Scout leaves or the Engineer, the option for someone else to take over mid game, with a bonus. Or failing that, the game opens up so anyone can build from the Fabricator.