New Horde Escape achievements?

Just booted up and got 4 new PvE achievements. Didn’t know more were being added?

They didn’t mention this anywhere. I got 6 of ‘em right off the bat when I restarted my game to see if the update was available but not showing in the updates tab of my Xbox.

Edit : There appears to be a total of 8. @TC_Sera Are we allowed to post this stuff or not?:thinking:

6 popped for me as well but Im not seeing the other 2

Never mind I looked them up on TA

Seems those 2 arent retroactive

I had to go into “View all achievements” -> Gears 5 to see the other two and scroll down to the ones not unlocked.

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It says I’m at 50% for the one with Clay but I know I’ve killed way more than 100 enemies with his ult

Yep, mine is at 8%, lol! Definitely wrong.

At least the ones that can be bugged (the specific for Cole, Paduk and Clayton) shouldn’t take too long to Re do again if bugged.

I know when they added the one for 100 eliminations using the Silverbag it didn’t track past kills and you had to do then again. Maybe it’s the same this time.

Maybe it tracks from the start of Operation 4? Would make sense as I unlocked Paduk’s achievement and haven’t really used Clayton since Operation 4…

I’ve received 10 achievements on a raw, dang!

I dont think so. I didnt use Paduk that much and ran Clay a boat load. I know for sure I used Clays ult on a ton of stuff.

Ahh, more grindy achievements. Excellent.

I wish we got some creative achievements. Y’know, the ones that require more than just hours of repetition.

Please TC, your achievement game is severely lacking. It’s been like that for a long time (with notable exceptions).

Do you use reflect shredder? Because stuff dying from the bleed doesn’t count.

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Yea, but I have played a ton of Escape with Clay that I feel it should be more than 50% complete

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