New horde classes

Paduk has been fun, and I sincerely hope that we continue to get new horde classes. One of the main reasons I think this is important is the addition of new cards to the game. I can see the sly programming in there. TC created an ultimate that emits a pulse and found a new way to implement it (Keegan’s interrogation card. Which I just WISHED worked with any execution since you can’t meatshield deebees!) .

The addition of new cards and new rebalancing has, for me, brought a lot of new ways to play for some characters, and I think that’s important for the health of the game going forward. So.

What kind of classes can the community come up with? And from these classes, what kind of cards can we “repurpose” for other characters?

Personally I think a decent one would be for a sniper character, in that their headshot kills bring the power at least halfway or just pick it up automatically in general. We love our snipers, but it’s not secret that their job can be a little hindered if scoring a long range kill (their job!) means sticking some power out in no man’s land. There already seems to be a system in place so that power doesn’t get stuck in unreachable places (kick a tracker into an unreachable spot and you’ll see) so I think it’s a QOL change that would let the sniper do their job and not have that nagging thought of power collection. At least for the long range specialists


Anya as a Class and her ultimate will be the Hammer of Dawn purely because I love when she say “The Hammer of Dawn is offline” That would be an awesome class to play as. Everytime the ult is fully loaded she says “The Hammer of dawn is online” TC make this happen I am after getting myself really psyched for this class now

PS. I know they are decoupling the characters from classes but I thought this would be a great one to add.


I’d like a true Grenadier class who is versatile and allows players to build a role based around all of the available grenades.

Ideally I’d have like Judgment’s Stim Grenades make a return so we can create an alternative Medic to JACK, but this is almost certainly not going to happen in GOW5.

But some of the generic skill cards could be:

Grenade Capacity - obviously increases grenade capacity

Grenade Loot - grenade kills have X % chance of dropping a single grenade pilfer (which restores one of whatever grenade you’re holding)

Grenade Plant - enables more grenades to be planted

Grenade Regeneration - regenerates grenades every X seconds

And then other cards could tie into specific grenades or groups of grenade. Like:

EMP Shock Grenades - robotic enemies are completely shut down for X seconds by Shock Grenades

Napalm - Incendiaries apply burning status to enemies

Shrapnel - frag grenades cause bleed damage

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I would like to see the end of the Classes, OP 4 has taught me one thing, The Coalition do not care about the Class system. And to that end, it should go bye byes.
I think, in its stead, a Role system should be implemented, just like the Class system, but more refined and open at the same time. But, and this is the important part, you choose from the Class system list of characters, such as Sniper, Engineer, Heavy, Scout, Medic, Grenadier and Assault, (yeah i made them up), using both Skill Cards from Gears of War 4 Horde and Gears 5 Horde you create your own version of said Class/Role either Solid or Hybrid and you use the Skill Cards to make your character as nasty or mixed as you want. Once created, you are stuck to that character and its Weapons Loadout, (oh yeah, you create not just the character, but the weapon loadout and Ultimates, or whatever they will be in game)
The Fabricator will be open to all, regardless, but restricted to non Engineers, however, if you create a Hybrid Engineer, you get access to everything in the Fabricator. This makes it so you are not stuck to being an Engineer and all its chains to the building and repairing. But, if there is an Engineer only in the team, the Hybrid Engineer is reduced to a normal character. This restriction works with all Hybrids, if you are a Sniper Hybrid and there is a Solid Sniper, the Solid gets Trumps over the Hybrid, as it should be.
Sounds complicated, but it has its merits. And the fun of creating new and different characters. Gone will be the Class system, and in with the Role system.

Or failing that, get rid of the Fabricator, add an extra weapons crate or two and go back to the old style Horde with no building at all. Make it better with certain Perks you earn in game, for instance, you kill a Boomer, pick up the weapon tailor it to your use with Perks. A sort of in game creation kit.

The old style Horde is a great idea, even if it’s just an option

Guilty tho I only complete gears 2 horde once with the Boom shield trick. Never had a squad so was just me and me bro …

TC atm are almost 100% focused on making the most of what is already here with Gears 5, so I’m of the belief they’ll do another big balance patch when OP5 starts and then they’ll worry about adding new stuff, that being said they may very well have 1 new class each operation.

The first thing they SHOULD focus on is reworking the Halo/Terminator classes to make them more interesting/viable, then they just need to do a bit more balancing around Horde (Marcus is the hot topic right now but there are other things to consider in my eyes)

Next, they should add classes that are unique, Paduk is a great example of a really unique and interesting class, he’s not the best at anything in particular but is more of a Jack of all Trades type of class that can both get up close and personal with his fear ability and can also do significant damage at a distance with his damage cards. Grenadier class is the most obvious that they haven’t added yet, but I want them to think outside the box and come up with some really neat stuff. Like I’ve been thinking it would be cool to have a Sniper class that was all about elevation, where if enemies are below him he does more damage and if he’s below the enemy he takes less damage, his Ultimate would be flying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Finally, bring back Locust :pleading_face:
I am aware that it would take some time to put them into Gears 5 but my god I can’t think of a better expenditure of time and resources than to give us something so wonderful, I would rather have that than the 50th remake of Gridlock any day.

I actually really like this idea. EMP grenades sounds like a good effect! Like they stun enemies in place longer.

Flames cause burning is a good idea too. However that only would help cole. Perhaps the flame grenades could make enemies take increased damage?

Pretty much. I mean, Shocks as they are now prevent enemies from shooting or attacking, but they can still move at walking pace. An EMP would shut down robotic enemies totally so they can’t move or do anything at all for a few seconds. It’d be a combination of stun effects (to robots) as well as sustained shock damage. I think that would be balanced. Wouldn’t want to make them too over-powered.

With the burning status effects, it’d be a bit like bleed because it’s sustained damage over X seconds and follows the affected enemy, and would help Cole due to his Torch Tackle and All The Glory cards. It’s just that right now Incendiary Grenades don’t do this, it just does damage to the enemy within a radius, so would be a nice extra skill card.

Maybe a freeze frag. Would help aid Lizzie, Fahz, etc.

I can’t see Cole becoming a mainstream high level horde meta, but maybe.

I’m thinking freezing flash grenades would be best, though they would definitely have to make them an option in the fabricator to begin with (they probably won’t because flashes would be too strong)

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I can see this maybe working on a “charge” basis… where your ult builds quickly and stores multiple charges. Then, when you tap ult, your character pulls out said stim grenade (just make it a smoke with a radius!) and can throw it, draining a charge.

My only gripe here is the potential to make Keegan and cog gear obsolete. Keegan can backstop a team with healing module and gear can team revive and revive at a distance with intervention. Perhaps the direct nature of stim grenades will warrant the overlap but that’s my only potential gripe