New Horde Class

So, all I’ve ever played is anchor, I’m getting a bit bored with it and would like to try a different class, what do you all suggest?



What did you like about the anchor? It will probably help us suggest another class for you to choose.


Try demo, and always, always, always make sure you have at least 10 lockers so you could spam GLS.

Other alternative option would be slugger. Try using shocks which massively helps any cqc class in the game :slightly_smiling_face:.

Happy days.


10 lockers?
Need at least 27.


An important thing about Demo is you need to make sure to take the first 2 lockers built. Even if you never fully deposit enough to fully pay off a single locker, your teammates are there to take care of it while you make big boom boom and perk up.


First 2? Ha. No thanks. It’s all the lockers, as many as the engineer can build.

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You don’t need 2 Lockers as Demolitions. Deposit until you get Lv4 Locker, Save 24k to perk Ammo regen to 10. Don’t spam GL, use wisely and boom everything else. If you’re running out of ammo your group isn’t doing enough or you’re trying to kill too much.

Play Demo how you want but you won’t catch me making you 2 Lockers.


The Demolitions is like the British Empire back in the olden days visiting other countries. Take everything they wanted and if there’s any objection you’d blow them up.


I would say Nomad or Marksman would be easier to learn, they use similar weapons to what Anchor is strongest with.

Tactician could be a good alternative if you want something a little different but want to have good support with your Ultimate.

Blademaster is a pick if you really want to change your playstyle. It is difficult to learn but it has great rewards once you do.

I mean… I know some people here are just joking/messing around but, how common is it for Demos to need 2 lockers? What do they do with their Boomshots to need 2? Do they just use 2 shots to kill a Leech/Juvie or what?

Not like I’m trying to say “I’m the best Demo out thereee” but, 12 Boomshot ammo is usually more than enough to deal with whatever there is in every wave. And in boss waves you can use Ult to deal with whatever the game throws at you.

And it’s not even about the Locker speed, I have managed when playing with Engis that said they don’t run the Locker Speed card :unamused: of course being more careful with the ammo.

Anchor is a really good all-round class that is entirely self sufficient in terms of ammo regen. It also has very good damage and damage resistance. It’s a very good starter class.

If you want to continue with the Boltok pistol, Nomad might be a good choice as it has a card that stuns drones with a boltok headshot. Marksman might be a good choice if you like using longshots. If you fancy something slightly different, Infiltrator, using shotguns and having very good damage resistance from stim or Combat Medic which has two very good damage resistance cards as well as a stim generation card.

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It’s definitely not as common an occurrence as we say - I think we’re just poking fun at it. Alot of the time most players are happy with just one locker, or certain classes use a couple of slots on a shared locker. But there are occasions where some players - who tend to be Demolitions, who commandeer two or more lockers which is unneccesary. It’s very possible to make do with just the ammo regeneration perk although alot of people prefer to keep some extra weapons in reserve on a locker (which is fine - cost-wise the difference in power to build and upgrade a weapon locker to level 4 compared to upgrading the ammo regen perk to level 10 is negligible).

As you say, it’s likely to be due to some Demolitions being total explosive whores who use a Boomshot or GL to kill a single Juvie or Leech, which is poor use of ammo.

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If he’s depositing enough for another locker, no harm in buying it for him. I mean, really his alternative is to perk up ammo Regen for about the same cost or to just buy the locker himself with the risk of being kicked. There’s virtually no financial difference to the engineer whether you get him a locker via sufficient deposits or he perks ammo Regen.

I’m pretty sure you only do Frenzy? I agree that after depositing enough for the locker, his cash is best spent on GL and Ult Cooldown. Depositing everything through to wave 4 can usually score you enough money to pay for your own level 4 locker from a Mechanic with power drain, assuming you keep the taps alive and collect as much field energy as you can. He really needs to focus on Ult Cooldown after that and not another locker. But really, if Demo needs another locker for Frenzy maybe he should stop launching booms at a single juvie.

I didn’t consider regular horde, my apologies. In regular horde you have enough to buy 2 Forges if you wanna be a baller.


born to ride!

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Stay away from Fahz, JD and Slugger. Unless you like low skill training wheels - then they should be right up your alley.

Honestly it’s the raw damage output that the class is capable of. Also the ammo regen is pretty handy

Blademaster has some of the best damage output in the game and has the best crowd control in the game. And these can be achieved without ammo at all.

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The one where they tell you to build a locker and then put down spikes in geometric shapes around the some general area—thats a good one.

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