New Gnasher update thoughts

Played dozen of games now, read some threads here. My thoughts.

I personally feel like new Gnasher is far from perfect, or even good for that matter. And I see this divide in the community as well. Hear me out, in a vacuum yes, it’s better than the previous one, but and it’s a big BUT, the game isn’t a vacuum and we still have all the campers + lancer noobies + just bot walker noobies. I think you get where I’m going. Some of new gnash supporters here say that 1v1 are better, and I don’t debate that, but the fact is, when you take into account all the aspects, including what I mentioned above, as well as map design, what we get is there are rare 1v1 situations, I’m not gon get into the whole crossing stack thing, but still that’s true to what we have on our hands. Also movement is really off, idk why, but lately game just… Isn’t good, fun or rewarding, it’s like shallow? Idk. Something is off, also haven’t even mentioned netcode, lags, pings etc. To a degree that I think dropping off the game, not to sound dramatic or whatever but that’s how I really feel now, every time I give this game a try, it disappoints real hard…

Hope they bring the game out of this turmoil.

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