New Glitch: Unable to upgrade Horde or Escape cards anymore

Since the update i’ve been unable to upgrade a single card whether i have enough duplicates to do it for free or i spend in game currency to do so. I hold down the X button as usual on the card i want to upgrade, the animation for it happens but then it never levels up & still says it’s ready to upgrade.

What’s even worse then this is after restarting the game to see if that would help a new card i unlocked by getting Lizzie to level 5 has now unequipped itself & is now greyed out no longer selectable as if i never unlocked it in the first place.

Is anybody else suffering with these new issues?

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I hope this is an isolated case… If not :rofl:

Can TC have one update where they don’t break a ton of stuff? Is that too much to ask?


same here
playing lizzie
cannot upgrade any cards at all
also cannot gain any cards from playing horde as well too…

I mean, at this point, you should come to expect it :joy:

And just to be clear it’s not just Lizzie’s cards i can’t upgrade anymore, i can no longer upgrade any cards of any characters in the game.

So what’s the protocol here, does the Coalition comment in these threads?

Yes It is, way too much to ask!

They occasionally look at this forum, though if you want to speak to them they advise sending them a tweet… But if you don’t use twitter then you can’t. Or you could submit a support ticket to them, but people are still waiting on replies to tickets submitted 3 months ago… It would be easier getting blood out of a stone!