New Gears Resolutions 2022

My first New Gears resolution is to finish uploading my darn Nomad vid. :wink:

Other than that, to hang with some of these PvE regulars more lol.

My gears Resolution Uninstall.
100% this game finally get to uninstall this crap

Edgy :wink::+1:
It is definitely the thing to do if you are not having fun of course, what game do you have lined up ?

I play Gears each day, but always alongside something else namely Guardians of the Galaxy at the moment, about 6 hours in and it is excellent :+1:


Yeah man you’ve got the right idea! play something good :slight_smile: then play gears on the side.
In December I was playing halo but that got boring fast very repetitive online especially the battle rifle but it was good while it lasted. now I’m playing battlefield 2042 it’s good and fun online so much you can do on it