New Gears Resolutions 2022

So 2022 New Gears resolutions.

1: don’t “bite” when I get in game text or messages telling me "you’re Fing S**** or stop playing or go back to Fortnite etc…:wink:. The issue being I can go from MVP or usually a high second in match, to a distant and very poor last in the very next one. I particularly hate actual Team mates berating players while the game is being played! I really struggle to understand that mindset.

That is not all on me though, Gears as we all know is widely inconsistent.

2: Continue my quest to become more of a “slayer” than “support” player. I did this last year and overall think it has improved my game.

  1. Try other modes rather than koth (Gears 3,4) or Control, this would be easier if we had a bigger playerbase. I really wanted to play ranked CTF but have not managed to find 1 game (!) since it was added to ranked.

  2. Now I have the X at last, upgrade to a 120 tv, probably around Feb.

  3. Play more Horde (across all Gears) maybe try and get some of the 3.0 cheveos I’m still yet to get, mainly the Private match ones. Also maybe go for some Escape.

  4. Play more Overrun, I do like this mode.

  5. Play Gears daily, at least one or two matches, I have managed this over the last several years. This btw is not a “punishment” :joy::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  6. Add to my Gears memorabilia/collection.

  7. To engage in the forum, which I pretty much have done for years.:+1:

@GhostofDelta2 .
Morning mate, happy if you want to “sunset” last year’s NGR thread and add my post above to a new New Gears Resolutions 2022. Or not mate, will leave it up to you.
You did it with my “met/played with other forum members” one.


My Gears resolutions:

1- Getting lvl 6 cards for Assault and Tank classes, also completing Gears 5 achievements (If Centaur Set doesn’t fix itself when I finish my lvl 6 cards quest, I’ll stop my achievements hunting. Maybe I’ll try to unlock one of the grinding versus achievement)

2- Finish Gears 2 JP achievements. Feasible, but I depend of a 2nd player to finish horde achievements. The rest I can boost alone.

3- Complete campaign co-op achievements for Gears UE PC. I don’t think that TC will fix Mix it up, so I’m happy with unlocking every campaign achievement. Versus achievements can wait forever if Mix it up can’t be unlocked.

4- Start Gears Tactics.


1 Gears Goal: SOLO 1-50 then retire.


The only things I can think of right now :

Release my inner masochist and play Blademaster with only Thrill and the resistance perk on the daily with triple HP and double Lethal enemies.

Make sure I actually use the helmetless Akagi skin after getting annoyed at TC for their stupid excuses about why Op 9 items weren’t in the store for 2+ months. Assuming they don’t screw up when it’s supposed to be back in the store this month.

Inevitably miss a post from Mikel sent to the Shadow Realm by Ghost for being naughty.


No Gears achievement hunting for the entire year.


My Gears resolution

Play Gears of War in real life and be sentenced to life in prison for doing so


Finish the campaign parts of the two Seriously achievements I’ve been too lazy to do, since I finished the other parts.

Play more classes in Horde, since I mainly stick to the same 6-7 ones I like.

Play Judgment’s campaign again. I just kinda want to.

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Until mine are complete, of course.

I was speaking for my own achievements, not carrying you :stuck_out_tongue:

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  1. Complete Gears 5 before baby no. 2 is born. Being carried in @GhostofDelta2’s lovingly muscular arms if necessary.
  2. Be free of Gears 5, unless a chance to annoy Downtown Wobbly arises. (I’ve other games lined up, including a return to Gears of War 3).
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Finish building my Lancer Replica :metal:t2:


Sacrifice the whole humanity to resurrect our beloved Queen Myrrah! Long Live The Queen!

I’d like to beat gears 3 campaign with 4 players. Never done it before.

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I’d be down. I haven’t played the campaign in its glorious 60fps yet.

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Learn to bounce with a scroll wheel

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Keep laughing at opposing players who go 10-22 and want to 1v me.

They call me a rat but I don’t understand that metaphor, my IQ can go as low as theirs :confused:

I’ve played so much of this game that I forget not having level 6 cards is an Are you pretty close to getting 6’s in those areas or will it be a grind?

I’d have to add you my boy. But yeah that would be fun :slight_smile:

As long as I’m second player I’m happy :joy:

Most of those classes have cards between level 3 and 4.

But I gladly accept “grinding” for those classes. I had to grind a lot for Tactician, and now I just need 6 “Personal Defense” for Mechanic and I have every card lvl 6 for that class.

But I just found boring playing as Mechanic on Escape. Horde is boring too, I prefer RE or Architect.

So when I finish playing Mechanic, Veteran is the next class to “grind”.

play gears more and maybe do a GFC tourney or two