New Gears of War table top game? ( New Microsoft trademark )

is it related to this?


Looks like they will be making something new related.

There are a lot of video game tie-ins.

DOOM (2016), Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Fallout, just to name a few I’m familiar with. Of course Gears even had one before.

Honestly as someone who collects/paints TT miniatures and plays a lot of D&D, I’d be super excited for a new one, really hard to find the old board game without paying a solid handful for it.


Ya, for “arcade games” i hope we’re referring to a Gearstal Slug


A metal slug version of Gears of War is actually a pretty good idea

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it really is and I’ve seen that I’m not the only one who thinks that, they are also concepts that fit perfectly.

idk, this but with a brumak/swarmak skin?

silverbacks as the equivalent of the sv-001 or slugnoids scattered between levels? to be able to use all the variety of weapons like dropshot, booshka or digger in a game like this? It is the perfect idea, i can’t find a reason not to, but idk I just hope

Positive that the brand is being expanded.
Whatever it is, maybe the board game is the side project or something completely different,

I’m only interested in Gears 6 and when it’s coming