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New Gears of War POP Content

(mendigo2005) #34

Do you receive any cash to promote this game on Youtube?


He means its a quick way for TC to make money unless this is going to be free.


I fricken wish would make my life a whole lot easier.

(ll R E D l) #37

I bet its gonna be something like $9.99, I mean thats how much Mario Run was


Gears POP is free to download & play I’ve experienced over 500 matches combined over two devices for the price of $0.00 yikes.

(ll R E D l) #39

Is that official? Cuz if it is then it probably gonna be filled with ads or be one of those pay to play games


Yes that is official & damn not sure what game you’ve seen as there are zero ads lmao

(ll R E D l) #41

Im just going off of big name “free” games. Its either filled with ads or is pay 2 play


Gears POP has zero ads & is play 2 fun. I’ve not spent a penny because you can’t & won 483 matches lost around 20 ish I think


So is the game out yet or not yet?

(ll R E D l) #44

They gotta make money some how. I mean your just in the beta so I doubt anything purchasable would be available yet. I’m not doubting you I’m doubting this industry. Nothing is free anymore


Nope its in soft lanuch as the game isn’t ready for a global release just yet. Mobile market is different to console market games have to be tested in small live enviroments to ensure everything runs the smoothest to the point it needs to be. Gears POP release is still set for early 2019.

(Omen LP) #46

For some reason “I got you, teammate” popped into my mind just now… :wink:

(DLCarr17) #47

Love it brother. <3 looking forward to all the content that you bring out for POP! Love seeing you on the Grind again!

(SEVEN UP 94) #48

@SASxSH4DOWZ there are achievements ?

(III EnVii III) #49

I was expecting something completely different for Mobile and what we got was an absolute disappointment in what looks to be a borefest of a game.

I wouldn’t have even minded a Halo Wars style game brought to mobile, or a very basic shooter, maybe a story style esq game or just something more interesting than this :-1:

A shame as I like to spend a few thousand pounds per year on good quality mobile games…

(xValtiel) #50

I’m gonna play it in hopes that it will unlock cool exclusive stuff for the main games. Like, new characters, weapon skins, emblems, etc.

Who knows. Maybe I’ll end up digging it.


Yeah, maybe you’ll get a POP skin to use in the game

(Duffman GB) #52

Big head mode all over again :slight_smile:

(Gnashty Damerch) #53

I couldn’t have said it better. All they do is reiterate what tc says or puts out for info and make it 10-15 minutes. and they talk about a small detail they got from nowhere that might insinuate something possibly and not even be true and talk nonsense for like 10 minutes. Or when they open packs… Dumb