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New Gears of War POP Content


Hey guys so I have access to Gears of War POP & finally allowed to begin posting content so you can expect videos & streams alike.

Here is my first ever online multiplayer match to give you a feel of the start of the game, lots more Gears pop content on the way!

(GB6 Kazuya) #2

That’s madness. I was wondering what it’d be like :joy:

Good video :+1:

(mizzelphug) #3

Shark has been jumped.


Looks terrible. I can see little kids playing it more.


Thats cool you can just stick to playing Gears 4 for the remainder of the year, lots of people are going to be able enjoy Gears in a brand new way with alot of new faces accessing Gears of War for the first time :slight_smile:

(ll R E D l) #6

Is there a release date yet??


You are obviously new here…


Gears POP is currently in soft launch, global release is set for early 2019.

(mizzelphug) #9

I’m guessing that’s the target demographic.

I don’t really get the appeal of those Funko Pop toys(statues?) myself but they seem like something little kids would love. If that’s the case maybe they shouldn’t take adult-rated content and dumb it down for little kids to get cracked-out on.


Funko POP is just the artstyle used, the game is all about the true essence of how Gears of War plays. In Gears POP cover, characters & their weapons are all important factors to the gameplay & how matches can be played.

Its not just a little kiddies game to throw out there for no reason, there is ton of thought & work that has gone into bringing the best version of Gears mobile experience to the table.


Yeah I quit GOW 4 months ago too because it just went south and after many complaints, things just don’t fixed. You sound like you work for TC.


Sooo what you doing on the Gears forums providing nothing but hate :joy: No I work for the government Agent 47 at your service.


No, more like constructive criticism :joy:


Not hate. I have friends here and I like to keep up to date with Gears no matter what. It’s a forum open for discussion just in case you didn’t know.


“friends” is such a strong word. More like work acquaintances who don’t actually work together

(Stoic Slab) #16

Is that because most of us are on the forums while at work?


I’m on while i’m studying lol.

(Duffman GB) #18

I think it is fair to say you are not that impartial though. I mean come on,

So watched it, any reason you had to be in the video, would have rather seen all the game.

(mizzelphug) #19

Ah …cellphone game.
I don’t own a smart phone so I’m out. ( Needless to say I didn’t watch your video either. )

(sancris777) #20

When I was a little kid i played Gears 1 and i don’t think I would have even touched gears pop tbh…