New Gears of War Leak? Leaked Image Showcasing "Gears Ultimate Collection" and "Gears 6"

I made this

You’ve been busy.

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Wait really? Did you post this somewhere?

Fake image is Fake…

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Posting confidential information is illegal. Might want to take this down.

This is not from me. Nick Baker publicly posted this just a few hours ago on his podcast and I am re-uploading it from here. Here is the vid:

  • While we welcome speculation, non-official information (ie. rumors) will be deleted regardless of it’s validity. We want to protect our fans from false or leaked information.

    anyone can make this image under 5 minute, just google gears of war type face + logo and put it together, done.
    i think people can track down a meta data of image to find out when this image was created.
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That font is just hideous enough to be real tbh.

edit: Also I’m pretty sure this is the same clown as before.