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I just want to start by saying I’m a huge Gears of War fan, ever since the first game. It’s such a unique and fun game to play. This game has evolved so much since the start, there’s been a ton of game modes throughout this franchise, one mode I’ve been thinking about is something that hasn’t been done, yet is such an obvious “clash”.

KOTH and Escalation have without a doubt been the players favorite and most competitive game modes, and Horde still holds as one of the best defense modes a game has to offer. Picture a game mode that combines the best of both worlds; intensity and skill of versus, and the unique defense objective of Horde. I welcome you to Clash. See what I did there.

Clash Breakdown

In Clash, it would be a one round game with two teams facing off, one COG, and the other Locust, I mean Swarm. The objective of this game mode would be to destroy the enemy’s fabricator by dealing damage to it. Each team starts with one at their spawn point and it cannot be moved. Each team would be battling to capture power taps, which is something that is brand new in Gears 5 Horde but is perfect for this mode. Just like a regular power tap, your team will need to be on the ring to capture the tap, the team that captures the tap will be awarded power. Once captured, it will be secured by that team for 30 secs and can’t be claimed by another team until then. There will be 3 Power taps on the map so move your ■■■ to the next one.

What’s the power for? Good question, power just like in Horde would be used to purchase Turrets, Barriers, Decoys, Weapon Lockers, and Weapons. Defend your base, stock up on ammo with ammo crates across the map and turn the tide with purchased weapons. Why would you need Decoys or Barriers? Another good question, I haven’t gotten to the next part of Clash that makes Clash so unique. In Clash, along with having to capture power taps, build, and defend your base, you will also want to capture NPC’s on the map. Think of a Drone rocking by your side or better yet a Warden. Just like the power taps on the map, these NPC’s will be kneeling down with a ring around them, once captured by a team, they become yours and fight on your side and help you destroy the enemy base. COG team will have units of equal power as the Swarm team, COG will be awarded COG soldiers instead of Drones etc. Obviously, the game would be chaotic if there were Wardens everywhere, 3 NPC capture points will be on each teams side filled with smaller units like drones or COG soldiers and then one point in the middle where there is a Warden or another type of boss that both teams would fight for and that only spawns when you hit a certain time in the match. The 3 NPC points will have a shorter respawn time than the boss capture point.

Having power taps and NPC capture points in the same game, allow for intense fast-paced capture and hold battles as well as multiple strategies to win the game. Classes can be designed specifically for this game mode just like with Horde, Escape and Arcade, one can specialize in building defenses cheaper, one can purchase weapons cheaper while the others capture points quicker etc.


Alternatively, keep everything above the same, but also allow to build NPC characters straight from your Fabricator using power which can open up even further classes to specialize in and a deeper strategy to go only for power rather than NPC points.

What do you guys think? Give me some feedback and hey if you think it would be a good game mode, like this post, share it and perhaps the Coalition will actually make it.


How much damage would the fab. take? Is it repairable? Not sure about the power though. Might not have enough time to even use it.

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I stopped reading after this


Lol about escalation but theres a reason its the only mode for comp play

Escalation in GOW4 was beautiful.

Escalation in GOW5 is pretty poor.


Good questions! I think the power is key to the mode, the only way to build and the only way to purchase weapons, as far as how much HP the fab would have, it all depends on how much dmg everyone does, i dont know those numbers, its something the developers would have to look into to determine a good balance on the game mode though with the new health bar structure, it would work well. I believe this game mode would be a 20-30 minute game, nowhere near as long as horde or escalation but about the same as a koth match

Interesting. I don’t see TC making something that is an idea from a fan/player to be honest. They would twist it a little bit and say it’s theirs. Not a bad idea though.


Appreciate the feedback, it would be a first for sure but who knows, with enough interest, anything could happen!

Seems like a sorta Horde/Overrun/KOTH hybrid and it seems like something I would play

Objective two sided game modes are something I am into plus it gives off a sense and feel of strategy and realism if you look at it that way.

Overall cool Idea.


Needs work but I like it!

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I like the concept overall. However…I have a feeling most players don’t really like too many gimmicks attached to the modes they play. The possibility of the fabricator getting destroyed and you losing, no matter how well you performed in the match would probably make a good deal of players angry.

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I think it sounds awesome!

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Exactly! Thanks for the feedback, would be pretty sweet to see in the game

I like the idea reminds me of halo 5’s warzone just on a smaller scale. I dont like the power tap thing though and the horde element. Maybe random pickups that would help destroy the fab like nades and such and 1 power weapon to fight over like a drop shot or breaker that would deal more damage. All starting weapons deal minimum damage. If there could be a fortification that just slows you and does no damage would be ideal.


But thats the way versus and horde and pretty much any game is, you can do amazing but if the rest of your team slips up, you will lose. I guess i dont see this game mode being worse for that but i appreciate the feedback!

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Can i play Jack in this mode?

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I would have to say no, as much as i love our little jack! It wouldn’t be fair for the locusts side yknow?

I just want Overrun/Beast mode back, but great idea nonetheless.


Perhaps give them whatever that new nemacyst type thing is that the swarm have now?

OR have a leeched BOT unit?

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Yeah if COG gets Jack, then the swarm could have a bastion which is pretty much the same mechanics, just a bit different, i see that as an equal trade off!

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