New Gears Map Ideas (With Basic Layouts) [UPDATE]

With a lack of Gears 5 maps (that are good, and in general) and with my endless boredom, I’ve made a few mock-ups for old Map Ideas, to try and share how I visualized these in my head to share with you.
Note: COG Omen and Locust Omen represent Team Spawns


Set in Halvo Bay, Villa would be four buildings, opposite each other with two on either side. The Northern-most buildings would be two-storied, with a Sniper spawn (G2 River inspired) The Southern buildings would be One-Story, with a very small underground corridor connecting the two. In the center of the four buildings would be a crashed APC, with a powerful Power Weapon to grab.

This visualization and the later ones have been omitted of cover placement or finer details like stairs, are just basic mocks.
(Red lines representing the lower level, blue indicating the second stories)


Inside of the Gears 2 Riftworm, Flesh would see you on the inside of the monster’s stomach, two secured bunkers on either side of the arena with a tower of sorts in the middle with an explosive power weapon (Inspired by the Sniper spawn on Library in Judgement). Like Thrashball, you can fire at glowing bits inside the Worm to cause digestion, like Avalanche, a rolling ball of stone will roll through, changing the landscape, save the bunkers, along with knocking over the Bunker.

(Green indicated cover that would be destroyed, the blue again for the second story of the tower. Yellow bridges would be placed after the arena changes).


Inside the Gears 2 Hollow, a small Kantus church is built next to the lake where that nasty leviathan lives. The “church” is full of small pillars, and at the back of the map is two staircases, These lead to a second story, where players can fight on small bridges, that freely overlook the main hall below. Because of the tides and rampant leviathan, the water levels can rise for a short time to engulf the lower-story. After a small time, it’ll die back down, revealing the lower area again.

This was the hardest map I found trying to make a visual for, without having to remake it for top-story, second-story, which I should’ve done.
(Blue again is the upper area + exposed catwalks, yellow are the two staircases)


A section of Griffin’s tower. This map would be the size of Boxes…but would be three stories tall. On the North and South ends are staircases. On the East and West are elevators that go from Floor 1 right to 3. But if the elevator is on Floor 1, and the cable is shot out at Level 3, the elevator will fall. Becoming unavailable, and killing all players inside it. Floor two’s floor is partly open, letting players on floor 1 fire at players on floor 2.

(Blue and darker blue represent 2nd and 3rd floors. Yellow is the elevators on either side, forgot a place for stairs but it’d be opposite of the white boxes on the first floor).

I hope this helps, again I’m very bored. Let me know if you have any interesting ideas for new maps too, or any critiques about these designs, I’d love to hear it! (If only TC was this active and transparent amirite?)

@Nineteenth_Hour note how all these images are actually de-saturated and have straightforward fonts. It’s like a damn unicorn.


[UPDATED 2 New Maps]


A map based on the inner workings of New Hope under Mount Kadar, inspired by @Nineteenth_Hour, featuring a river of Ice down the middle (Similar to imulsion pools in past games, but freeze-killing the player instead). A raising and lowering platform in the middle, two permanent catwalks that allow safe travel from one side to the other, but have less cover than the other three pathways.

Blue represents the raised areas, yellow being half-raised/stairs. The purple is the moving platform, orange the Sire Septic tanks for cover/decoration and the Green being the icy river/canal going through the middle.


Based on the defense mission in Speyer, Relay features a large Troika turret overlooking the grenade and Boomshot/Heavy Weapon spawn, with two Longshot towers countering said turret, and other Boltoks left to the side.

Blue is the raised sections, yellow is stairs, and purple are half-covers leading to the Troika, meant to trap the gunner and keep them on edge if a grenade is tossed into their little protected zone, if not pressured by the Longshots.

(I did add my recommended Weapon drops for these two new maps–I won’t go and do it for the old ones, but if you have any criticisms, let me know!)


I mean you put the work in but didn’t specify what glitches each map will have.

Enemies spawning on top of the fabricator in Horde? Falling below the map? Versus spawns on top of enemies?

I need a complete rundown before approving.


Well of course we’ll have unobtainable power wherever possible, Carriers that only spawn outside the map.

A GL (Freedom) Lancer that you can’t pick up without spending $5 worth of Iron.

And maybe, maybe a couple cases where the COG and Swarm begin right next to each other.


Could you also randomise the length of spawn protection just to screw with people as well?


With no indication whatsoever that said person has Spawn Protection to begin with?

Of course.

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Hey man don’t let me harsh your mellow. Artists need to express themselves.

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I mean it looks like a poster for proper civil engineering. How not to create traffic jams when designing a highway system.

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Every effort will bring us to the victory!

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I like the work you put into these and they all sound interesting, especially the one inside the Rift Worm, how did they not think to do that on Gears 2 when it was part of the Campaign lol

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Pls add layouts:

Are you asking me to add them to your Thread or make new ones for your ideas?

Add any layouts you make to this thread. Use that other thread for inspiration.

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Fun fact, originally I was going to walk down the aisle to this song.

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The original or the cover?

Either the S and M version or a orchestral cover.

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I love this post! HOWEVER…you need more cover. There aren’t enough places to go to support 5v5 combat. But I like your design ideas and the way you think!

Emphasis on “Basic” layouts, I explained in the OP it was mainly about rough shapes and Map ideas more than concrete trued and true maps with specific cover placements and such. The only one of these that had a lot of work put into the thought of cover was Relay.