New gear points system in KOTH is a garbage

80 Deaths to achieve 100 Gp in game? If you win the reward in GP is too little and you get too slow, if you pair you with a bad team it is technically impossible to get the 100GP but that if the new system takes care of getting too low from your current range.

The system was perfect in 2GP x kill, now it’s rubbish and impossible to climb if you don’t have team communicated.

KOTH It’s not just camping and killing is capturing and breaking but the coalition thinks it’s that or why ruin a beautiful system and make it rubbish


No it’s not. 40 Eliminations is way too easy. If anything the 10 Breaks requirement is rubbish. This ranking system may be the worst yet in all honesty.

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Reducing the points to 1 was a good idea but other adjustments needed to be made to make it all fit together. Now it’s even more of a grind. The loses hurt more at higher tiers and individual performance doesn’t seem to weight at all now. Even if you do great you can’t offset the entry fee. TC seems to only think about A&B and don’t realize they just caused C,D,And E. I was under the assumption they can just adjust everything with feed back add criterias and just improve everything overall. I hear some good things from the stream but nothing that gets to the heart of the issues from the complaints I see.

Either way placement matches need to be implemented, to cut the Grind and not bunch every single person in bronze again. So stupid.