New GAMETYPES gears 5

Other than wingman making a return we deff need new game types.

Things we 100% need to return and be permanent




2v2 needs to be implemented like it was in UE where in war machine which the map was designed for it. But with different parts of different maps.Having the maps like this keep the fight quick and to the point instead of people just running away.

These game types need to be permanent. If you want to play snipes only there should be an option it’s good to be permanent and there just for the sake of it.

Having a game type where it’s gnasher only or snipes only really gives you a break from the lancer F fest of core, It gives you a really well deserved break from it.

There’s many other game types that are only limited time events which I agree should only be limited time. This allows players to return to the game after getting tired of the game types.


I’d like to see something different I really think dogdeball was a GREAT addition to the gears franchise and is deff going to be returning.


However I would like to see more gametypes having too many can hurt the player base. I don’t believe overrun should make a return because it requires maps specific to the game type

Beast mode… WHY NOT? There seems to be a bunch of new enemies and unknown ones in the next game. I wasn’t too fond of beast mode but we all played t for a bit and it was pretty fun. Developing gears 5 should be much easier considering they have had experience with the last game.

I doubt beast mode will make a return.

For me horde felt too easy and by far was the LEAST played mode for me in any gears game.

Please list some ideas of NEW game ideas that you guys would like to see in a gears game also please tell me and TC what you would like to return/ change.

Please like this post as I’m gonna be actively in the forums section so we all can make our favorite game the best!

Can hurt the population distribution

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True I should have worded it better… it can hurt but it’s better to have more game types than the lack of ones… I was getting tired of playing tdm koth and dodgeball… I just got back into the game because of 2v2s and now they took it out again.

Yeah maybe they should just have events more often as opposed to adding several more permanent playlists. TC did a good job consolidating the playlists and making them all as full as possible.

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Well I think 2v2 and wingman deff should be permanent