New (?) gamebreaking bug

This happened to me 2 days ago playing Keegan. In the middle of the match I suddenly was unable to melee, shoot or throw nades. 30 seconds later or so it was like nothing happened and everything worked again and I didn’t think of much it.

Well, the same thing happened again today in the middle of Venom Run. Fun times. After inevitably dying I quit out of the lobby and was greeted with an endless loop of the sounds that usually plays when you’re awarded XP at the end of matches.

Both times I were in the same lobby for around 10 matches of Escape. First time I wasn’t host, 2nd time was my lobby.

Anyone else had this issue?

I don’t run into this issue often. Pausing and unpausing the game quickly(or just hitting that button twice even when you’re not host) seems to fix this.

Thanks, will try that if it happens again. Still curious what causes this.

Only cause I’ve noticed is either going into the pause menu before the restarting sequence is finished, or the Xbox overlay.

My game breaking bug is the game locks up 4 times per match.

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Is that the bug where you can’t move at all?
Cause i had an issue where i was stuck in place but could do everything except moving.

That can be easily replicated. To me this mostly happens when Jack saves you from an enemy molesting you.

I found a Knifing bug in 2v2 gnashers, happens when a round is over.

No, it’s the bug where the game shuts off due to an undisclosed error at random times.

I haven’t run into the movement bug in a long time. Are you referring to something like this?

Close, but it happens when I spawned