New Game Plus needed

Please make an option to keep progression of characters and restart the campaign. Allow harder difficulties to give better rewards, and end the grind of veteran missions . There’s another successful tactics game based on an alien invasion that does this very well.


The veteran missions are boring AF. I think that’s one of the problems.

We should get a NewGame +. The campaign was really good but to linear and short. That and we mostly cant get the gear we want from the beggining. Ether we need a way to restart the story and keep what we got or give us a way to buy or gain gear from the beginning in larger quantity like a store or repayable side mission or something in game.

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I agree. I hope they decide to add New Game + as an option.

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This definitely needs to happen if you grind the veteran mission you get some great gear but no real place to use them because at that point you beat the hardest bosses of the game it would have been cool to take superior sniper crit build and use that on an insane NG+

Agreed as the Veteran missions are awful. Surprised this didn’t get DLC especially when you consider all the garbage skins etc they made for Gears 5.