New Game+ Please!

New game+ please! I would play Gears campaign more if I could keep Jack’s components. Again, NG+ please!


Can’t you just do this through Chapter Select and start at the beginning? It remembers which components you carried through previous chapters, right until the end.

Last I knew using the chapter select really messed up Jack’s upgrades.

Did they fix it?


The game doesn’t need more punishing anti-fun difficulties like they put in Gears of War 4.

The way it works, AFAIK, was that you need to carry a new upgrade through to the next chapter in order for it to be usable on that later chapter through chapter select. If you didn’t and selected to start from that next chapter through chapter select, you’d have to redo it from the previous chapter(s) again.

New Game+isn’t a difficulty. It’s the base Campaign game on a difficulty of your choosing with all the Jack components and stuff unlocked. Unless they are required for story progression.