New Game Option Request: Specate Any Match

I was watching a private lobby and was enjoying the spectate option. We had about 6 people spectating as well as 10 people playing, total 16 players in one lobby. This was a pool of pc and xbox players with Open Nat and able to chat in Game chat as well as Party Chat.

It was awesome!

So here is my suggestion: Let the gamers spectate any match. I don’t want to queu up some streaming site, find a person that is coherent, watch them actually play instead of begging for subscribers.

I want to be able to have gears on, go to a random public lobby and spectate a match. This could open the doors to a whole new type of interaction.

Just got out of a grueling hour and a half long KOTH? lets unwind with a free for all spectate while i grab a quick snack.

It would be a great time, I assure you.


Adding spectators to a match adds extra server stress on the lobby those 10 are in, imagine you’re slaying, loving the game then a few spectators start siphoning bandwidth and now you’re running thru mud all of a sudden

Cool concept man but in reality… nah

Lol untill now I believe I thought this was a reality already… Now I know; and if the spectators ruin/cause lag, maybe there’s a ping match only for joining spectators, after each open slot is full or something…

You mean like… your buddy’s match so you can tell him where the enemy is positioned? Nah, that’s not gonna work. That would get so abused.

Go watch Twitch if you want to spectate.

Hi @nigelsan

Gears of War games are designed to be played, not to be watched man … this isn’t a SUPER MARIO WORLD FULL WALKTHROUGH on YOUTUBE man.

No man it wouldn’t be a great time watching Gears of War… not a chance man . It’s a great time PLAYING GOW period man .

The servers cant handle free for all matches so I definitely dont want people spectacting my matches.
The idea is great. Would love to spectace 2vs 2 matches. But the servers cant handle that.
What i think is really strange when there are only 10-14 max in a match and i can play star wars with 60 and runs smooth