New game modes for Op5

Let’s be honest, you eventually get sick of the same 4 game modes over and over and over, doesn’t matter how hard you try to enjoy it, wouldn’t mind a new game mode or game modes from previous games returning, arms race, dodgeball, escalation and execution are actually in the game but they are custom game exclusives because ■■■■ me in the ■■■

Gears 5 is extremely unpopular, even when they try and add new modes or bring back old ones they are very unpopular.

Gears of War is just too niche and doesn’t have a large enough playerbase to support a larger variety of playlists when it comes to Versus.


Wait gear 6 that’s the best course of action for new game mod , gear 5 is more on life support.

EXCEPT for op 5 with bigger change then normal for the serie X lauch but don’t seem to have game mod coming

I barely played anything other than TDM for years on Gears 3.

It’s not the lack of game modes, I assure you.


I personally never really thought lack off game modes either but more the quality of game modes. Like in gears 3 I loved TDM even though I didn’t really play Versus it was still always an enjoyable experience.This game though… it’s just on a completely different level, and anyone who played the old gears games will easily be able to tell the difference.

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There was no ranking system in the older games. We all just played for the fun of it, that’s the difference.


There are already 16-20 different game lobbies that the community is divided into.
No more playlist.

You are bored with the stale gameplay.
Not the lack of modes.

Escalation is the one I really miss

Play mostly guardian nowadays, always fun apart from when every clown votes for blood drive

That too, but if you just play and feel everything out you will be able to tell a big difference into where gears 5 goes bad compared to the older games.

But this isn’t gears 3, this is the ■■■■■■■■ version of that


I agree, that’s mostly true! Though there is a very noticeable difference between gears 4 ranked tdm vs gears 5 ranked tdm.

Gears 4 ranked (in the last couple years at least) has that traditional gears experience with even smoother movement. The matches are more intense and faster pace and just has a more fun factor to it even when you’re losing. And you have a little more of a chance to clutch in that one too.

Try playing a few tdm matches on gears 5 and then switch to gears 4 tdm and you’ll see what I mean.

Gears 5 has come a long way since launch, but gears 4 is certainly in a better place right now for pvp.

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That was just a small example, it falls short in many other areas in comparison to previous titles.

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Oh you don’t need to tell me, I spent the most part of the first year of Gears 5 consistently posting about how superior Gears 4 was in comparison. In many, many aspects it still is.

Gears 4 is still far more enjoyable. Gears 5 has a serious long way to go before it’s even worthy of being a Gears of War title.

I had the very basic list of requirements that included:

  • an option to restore the chainsaw to holding in B.
  • an option to return executions to Y.
  • an option to restore the classic damage Omen.

This isn’t a dramatic list and would at least make the damn game feel more familiar.

So basically I feel like we just enjoyed more overall simplicity in the older games

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Yes. Simplicity is key.

They tried to hard with Gears 5 and over-complicated it, with the Hero System and Semi-Open World Campaign. The latter which was a commendable effort but plagued with unnecessarily large open areas to justify the skiff.

I’d say hopefully they learned their lesson but with the announcement of the optional Batista feature of Campaign…they really don’t know what we want.

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I haven’t problem with Batista.
I respect the man, the wrestler, the actor.
It seem to be a good Guy.

But why TC want Batista in campaign ?
A simple skin for fun was a thing (and strange in GoW universe, as Terminator and Halo characters…)
But why more ?

We play to GoW, not WWE Or Galaxy Gardians…
Friendly, it’s simply my vision of things.

I agree. Not sure why people are complaining about Game modes of all things… This is Gears of War… Not Halo. It doesn’t really have the flexibility for extensive mode libraries… On top of that. I never felt like it needed crap loads of Game modes. I’m happy with Escalation, Guardian, TDM, 2v2, KOTH, and FFA. Especially FFA.

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That’s actually another problem I had with the campaign. There was so much open area that could have had some stuff there but instead it was just ice and ice and more ice/snow/red pepper sand.When any sort of video game does this it is extremely noticeable and really does negatively impact the game.

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Just checked the what’s up update and there’s no new game modes confirmed or planned for OP5

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