New game mode Overrun (Invasión)2.0

Hi there,

I am writing now for a suggestion of a new or returning game mode for gear 6. I think this is the time for its possible development to take place.

My idea is to return or update the Jugdement gear invasion mode, maybe as an asymmetric mode where 4 CGO players fight against a player who controls the units of the swarm. or the classic of the jugdmen in which classes of COG fight against in swarm in capture of objectives. In this mode, the classes or roles would be included in the fireteam style.

I know that what I write is just a concept and that it would require development and testing, but I really miss a way in which CGO Classes (doctors, engineers, snipers, explosives experts, melee, weapons handling heavy, control of the silverback or robotsdbs DR1…) fight against an army that is not generic and that are well differentiated by their abilities and characteristics (Juvies, Drones, Grenadiers, [Kantus swarn “idea of ​​a new enemy” medical class], Scions, Snipers, Berserker, Imagos, Flamethrowers, Drones and Elite Grenadiers…)

The Horde mode is fine but it ends up being very monotonous to fight against the AI ​​while fighting against a player is very different and poses challenges and challenges.

By the way, before finishing, I want to say that I have not been able to find a topic similar to this one and if it has already been discussed, I would like to go to that link

Thank you for assisting me.

You probably haven’t found a similar thread because it’s actually called Overrun, not Invasion.

With that said, I’d definitely be up for a second version of this mode in Gears 6.

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This reminded me of all the map names that I mispronounced in gears 5 at some point.

The Spit
The Corrosion
Rail Gun


:joy: This is so much better than my experience when it first came out…


Don’t ask. I’m not ageing well.
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Lol :joy:

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oh, Ok thanks

Finally, if they take note of all the players who have asked for an improved overrun mode for gear 6. Since I thought something would come out of this, but in the end nothing. I hope that for the next one it will have all the game modes that have come out in the saga and that they rotate them so as not to divide the community so much.


Overrun was definitely a fun take on the Horde experience. I do wonder, though, if it’s different enough from Horde to justify both being in the same game, because I sincerely doubt they’ll drop Horde altogether in Gears 6.

Still though, I’d like to play it again.

Also, I didn’t realize it was called Invasión in Spanish. Neat.

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I’m not saying to remove horde mode. Only the possibility of adding a mode in which the mechanics of a horde are combined with a multiplayer. and in that aspect the jugdment mode (overrun) was very fun, facing two teams with classes of heroes and enemies. :grin:

I expected that such a mode would be implemented but I see that it has not been so. That’s why I write in the forum like many others. and I’m not saying to eliminate a way that works, but honestly it ends up being monotonous and in the end it’s just a kill kill. since the AI ​​cannot advance more than what it has programmed (note that the programming of the enemies is very good. It impresses me how they cover themselves and perform SWAT maneuvers through and in the covers) but let’s say it clearly they are not human. The multiplayer is good and the modes it has are also very fun, but it ends up being boring since people are using the same strategy and although the predominance of the Ghanser is good for me, it ends up completely boring me, it seems generic to me; It seems that the gear is just Gnaser, leaving aside the other weapons. We can’t even choose more starting weapons than we came out with, only the Lancer that has left it very weak and the gnaher. Where is it to choose a Marzka, hammertburts, retro Lancer, enforcer.

Anyway, going back to the theme of the game mode, I think that what the gear needs to be complete is a mode in which the members of your team have a role and seek victory from those combinations, obviously with its balance.

I also love the Escape mode, it’s something new and very well done in this gear.

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I’m still not fond of cANALS.

I still think that the more modes it gives the game more life.