New game mode for esports

Iv always wondered why guardian wouldn’t work as an esports mode? it seams to be a great tactical game mode. And it has all the elements of what makes gears great, because esports gears needs another mode think guardian fits perfect I think

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Spectators wont watch someone camp in a corner for 20 minutes.

Esports is for spectators, not gamers.

Guardian restricts the playstyle of whomever is leader. It’s always safer for the leader to be more defensive. It’s doesn’t encourage active play/interaction for all players involved so it’s not as competitive as other objective based game modes.

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I love guardian think it’s a brilliant tactical game, so underrated, because off the team work need for victory, idea way they need to add another mode they can’t just use one escalation,it’s a great mode but we need more to watch

Maybe they could make the round timers lower? Or make the leader visible to everyone like in gears 3? I would love to play a guardian mode like that.

TC gets in their feelings over escalation.

esca ruined gears in a way

Really couldn’t care less about esports or what they play…the paying public are a bit pissed off with a poor game release in every way…trust me esports are not or should be the priority …for this shoddy/greedy developer :roll_eyes:

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Particularly in terms of map design, because they always have to think about whether or not it’ll work with Escalation rather than “Is it fun?”. That’s how you end up with some of the worst maps in the franchise like Icebound.

Eff that mode…

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Guardian is a boring camp-fest that’s terrible to play, and I can only imagine would be even worse to watch. Even though Escalation also blows, at least there are always things going on around the map.

I think they should be playing execution or warzone for esport series. They were the original game modes and are way more interesting to watch than escalation. Hell dodgeball would be good too. At least those modes don’t need maps with large open spaces to stand around in. I like that escalation has a life count limit but the original MP was based off the one life to play and made the game unique. I don’t want to watch a new version of what every other esport community is doing. I want to watch GEARS OF WAR.

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