New game "Ill "

This game looks sick. This is the kind of gore and grittiness gow should have been in these newer games.

There is no game. It’s some short clips to get people to sign up to their patreon and in a few months they run away with the money.

Maybe, maybe not, will have to see. either way it looks nasty.

It looks great for a tech demo, but I would indeed not be surprised if this never sees anything beyond it.

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you’re probably right, would be sad because this project looks sick. something to follow and keep and eye on.

For people who care, this is his insta where he adds new clips and updates :

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is that…legal? no refunds or anything?

There is some shady people out there that will do that. this looks different though . You can see the dedication this guy is putting into his work. I think he’s all in, at least i hope so. In a generation of kid games, this game gives me hope that there is still studios out there not afraid to go all out.

Has been a thing for years on platforms like Kickstarter. All they need is a disclaimer that the game might not get finished and disable refunds and voila free money with little effort required.

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Ngl this intrigues completely as I’ve always loved games like dead space and the older gears titles. I can’t say I don’t enjoy gore as I find it more satisfying than just shooting an enemy and some numbers pop out of their body or when they fall apart their insides look like strawberry jam (I’m looking at you TC).

But I’m going to reserve my judgment until I see the games progress flourish. A lot of games like these claim to be ambitious but never deliver or just don’t even get made.

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Looks slow and boring.
Also severely lacking a fornicator.

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