New forums are great but

The new forums are great and all but I’m having trouble distinguishing the commas from the periods, now I don’t say this lightly, I know a lot of man hours go into choosing a font and you’ve done a good job, but come on! The periods are four pixels and the commas are five… There’s just not enough difference. I find myself doing double takes all the time and I’ve started perusing the forums on 500% zoom.

All of my friends tell me I have eyes like an angler fish so when I have trouble telling the difference you know there’s a problem, but I have a solution! I think the commas should hang down much more, kind of like a “j”. You may consider hooking it more to be closer to a “g” but I think that might be a bit to extreme for non English natives to understand.

Take my solution or not you can’t deny something needs to be done.


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