New Forum Rules

It’s been about four months since I was last on the forums. And it seems a lot has changed…don’t like it.

What happened to Forum badges? Or the post count…kinda miss that #ego.
But it says new users can only post a certain amount of times per day? Why? Not a new user, been here since 15’-16’.

Why the change to the forums anyway? Thought the old system worked fine. Now I don’t see any signs of the Gears Legacy or Gears Universe tabs. And now there’s a tab for literally anything? Don’t like it.

Anyone else from the old forum have something to say? Or am I the only one who was bugged by this?

New forum is actually worse. Also, you can’t bump a thread if no one answered your question so people are making multiple threads instead.

And, trollish goons are now reporting any comment they don’t like because they discovered it doesn’t actually go to a moderator, it just gets auto censored so one person can use their alts and have any comment they want hidden.

Those only top my list of things that don’t work well on this forum. The old one preformed way better for me, which isn’t saying much because the only one was still one of the clunkiest forums I’ve used in years.

I’m guessing they wanted the forum to be more welcoming to Gears fans and change their approach/vision for the forum community.

Also, probably because of EU privacy law GDPR. Coincidently, new forums launched like a few weeks before GDPR went live and I think that’s why forum posts and stuff didn’t transition here because of all that privacy stuff that EU enacted

Anyway this forums is better, it uses a open source forum platform and they can regularly update it and add cool new features as compared to the old forum.

Also, the reason why the is a limit for new users is simply to prevent spamming and stuff. But the more new users participate the more the forums trust you as a good user.

This system is called the trust level system. For info on what this means visit this link:What do user trust levels do.

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New forum is a vast improvement over the old.

It’s much slicker and easier to use.

The notification system is excellent.

And you can still see post counts and other stats like likes received and likes given :+1:

All in all, it is something TC got very right dumping those relic like forums :raised_hands:

The forums needed an update IMO. Gone are the days where I had to go through thousands of responses to see if someone asked a question or responded to me.

The forums were meant to be much more quicker and efficient to use, and I think these meet that, they are quicker, much more mobile friendly now as well. The old forums were difficult to use with a mobile. Now, I’m posting whilst in the queue in a theme park.

How times have changed.

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The new iteration is WORLDS better than the old. So cumbersome. The flow here is better and it’s much faster on my end.

I have been around the gears forums for a long long time ,this one is the easiest to use by far ,yes it’s missing a few features we loved,like badges,post count, which you can see by going on your profile and clicking on activity >summary