New Forum Feedback Thread

I’m really digging this new look to the forums well done TC :+1:


Same. I really like this new UI. Looks a lot more streamlined. Looking forward to future discussions!


Great move guys! I love this game and I love being part of the Coalition Army.


interesting :slight_smile:

Seems to have messed up the display in the card companion tab. May just be on my end. The Gears logo never loaded correctly, nor could I see an option to return back to this forum.

Found an issue whilst attempting to post a thread.

Device: Mobile
Browser: Google chrome
OS: Android 6.0.1
Issue: if you switch to desktop view and on potrait while creating a new thread, the forum navigation bar is out of place and over the create post container.



My name is Scott.
I am lived mile high city. I am hard of hearing mix with deaf but can talk or chatpad on XBox… I has been since 2006 first gears 1 beginning all way to present… This one is so cool… I just learn this more I try I can…

Any questions?

I understand the need in reducing cost and maintenance time but the other forum system was better, it just needed a wee bit more of improvements. These forums are just a replica of Crackdown 3 and all other MS first party game social boards. I hope HaloWaypoint doesn’t change.

This reminds me of the old skool epic forums. Easier to navigate through so I like.

Well I like the simplicity I think I need more time with the new system overall its enjoyable so far. Will we be able to have signatures?

Simple look but very cool, i really like the new forums!

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Needs a back button!!


Agreed. Slightly clunky to get back without one.


GREAT looking Forum , I like it so far


New forum looks good so far. I like this version more than the last as it seems much easier to navigate around topics.

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I like it but I’ve only used it on mobile so far and I’m liking it. Kind of disappointed Discourse just opens the forum rather than using its own interface like Tapatalk did but it’ll have to do.

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Its alright ,Personally liked the old one better…

What needs to happen is they need to lock duplicate threads rather quickly…I already have seen 3-4 of them complaining about not receiving xp/credits…no one takes the time anymore to look at the already made threads

this is a really interesting format. But I am always looking to see how change can be made. Looking forward to the new forums and am glad to see the forums are getting some serious love.

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I don’t like it…It’s definitely going to take time to get used too.