New Forum Feedback Thread

Welcome to the new Gears of War forums!

We’re excited to start a new chapter in the Gears forum community with today’s launch. Here’s some must read posts to get you started.

Today’s launch is but a first step in our mission to provide the best possible forums for YOU - our community. Our new platform allows us to provide more updates in a timely manner, so we want to hear your feedback on your initial likes, dislikes and any bugs you come across.

Reply to the thread with your feedback and help inform the development of the community forums!



It’ll take a little bit to get used to this, it’ll be fine tho I’m sure :grimacing::+1:

Will there be integration with Tapatalk? Just curious as “back in the day”, the forums worked with that. Saves having to use a browser, sign in, etc. Otherwise, seems pretty solid. I will be sure to give a much more detailed opinion once I start with GFC threads.

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Initial reaction in navigating is positive. Works well on mobile so far. But obviously until more is on here I can’t say for sure. However it makes me wonder if this format allows you to create a mobile app for not just the forum but the community hub?

You can use the official Discourse app if you’d prefer - you can add the forum as a site on there and it’ll do many of the things Tapatalk did for the old ones.

Bonus - You can turn your profile notifications into phone notifications if you so choose!


I’m digging the new format!

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Looks clean and great for a fresh start. No doubt after people have adjusted to the new layouts, we’ll be posting better than before!


Looks very clean

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yeah, it is very clean so far:):+1:

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So far its very clean running on an android browser. I havent noticed any bugs yet but its fresh looking


It’s just gonna take me some time to get used to, as I’ve used forums a lot.
Also, what about those mentioned Gears emojis?
I don’t see them anywhere, neither in emojis tab.
I like how it updates real time, and you can see if someone’s gonna message or reply to thread.
Will try on mobile later.

So far its looking fresh and seems way more functional than the old one.

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We’re planning Gears Emojis for a future update. They were not planned for launch. Same goes for our full Badge system.


Crashes Puffin browser on Android every time I try to access the new forum. Old forum worked fine on Puffin.

Much smoother than the old one, i like it. :+1:

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these new forums look amazing! i cant wait to actually understand how all this works but it looks amazing! seems like you combine everything and can be filtered if need be! cant wait to see who shows up!


I just wish there was a white/light forum theme. I wouldn’t mind switching between themes when I get bored of current one. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d prefer it dark like now, because white/light is an eyesore.

This forum framework doesn’t officially support Puffin. We recommend you grab the Discourse app from the Android store to work around this issue.

Looking good.

There’s a bug on the edge mobile browser on Android.

The text field is pushed up too high when responding so the first line is extremely hard to see.