New First Party Xbox Wireless Headset doesn't work with Gears 5 on PC (Win 10)

A friend and I both pre-ordered the new Xbox Wireless Headset (released 16 Mar '21) to use it with Gears 5 on PC (via Xbox Wireless Adapter). Audio constantly cuts out / stutters - unplayable. Both of us have the same issue (all updates installed).

Sounds very similar to the issue reported on other wireless headsets (Turtle Beach etc) since Sep '19.

Looking into it - the solution to the previous issue was:

Unfortunately the new Xbox Wireless Headset is already locked at 48 kHz, So this isn’t an option.

Would love to know if this is going to be looked at anytime soon,


How does the headset work outside of gears 5?

Works perfectly with every other game i’ve tried (incl other Game Pass games). Works fine with Youtube/Discord and windows etc.

In that case you will need to send a ticket to support:

Im also going to tag @TC_Sera and @TC_Kilo1062


Great! Thanks.

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YES!!! I have exactly the same issue.
New headset works perfectly for everything else except Gears 5.
Gears 5 is basically the only game I play, so the headset is back in the box and will probably be returned to Microsoft if no fix is on the horizon soon.

Steelseries have the same issue with Gears 5 on PC. I wouldn’t expect a fix from either side honestly.

Finally a thread on this , Same issue, connected via wireless adapter to PC. The audio stuttering makes the game unplayable and no suggested solution seems to work. If I use my wireless HyperX cloud flight headset there’s no issues, but I want to be able to experience the Dolby Atmos that the game prominently displays at startup.

as i’m currently struggling with the same problem (Steelseries 9x and Xbox Wireless Adapter). Have there been any working solutions yet ?

In my list this is the only game not working.

It has never worked and never will now support for the game is dead. I assume the headset is wired and plugged into the controller?

It made me make one of the best upgrades I’ve done - got a wireless headset

No, the headset is connected “directly” wireless to the adapter. A workaround is using a 3,5 cable but that results in a very poor audio quality.

So found another workaround by activating “Sonar” in Steelseries GG Software. No more audio issues since activation.