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New female characters

(Bleeding Pepper) #63

Yup. The way things are priced right now, from Griffin to the Mega Packs and eSport Support packs which guarantee you a (random) character, is far too expensive, especially once you start looking at how other things are priced. Full priced AAA games are in the region of £50-60 on release. An XB controller is what - £35-40-odd? Character skins should be no more than a few quid each at most.

With the eSports ones I would accept a premium price given a chunk goes toward the eSports scene.

I think on the whole the games industry has become so bloated and costly to develop games, that it’s not sustainable as things are. Developers need to look at other ways to keep costs low than fleece fans for more money to cover their costs.

I was reading recently that Red Dead Redemption had thousands of people working on it at various points and it seems crazy to imagine.

(lR4ccoon) #64

I miss Alicia Valera

(iShaddow) #65

The thing is that TC can’t just include characters that were not mentioned or introduced in previous campaigns. Not all the people knows them neither had read the books.