New female characters

(Vanda1) #41

I’ve been saying black steel Valera don’t reply GG

(We0Are0Borg) #43

But seriously, some more Kait characters would be nice


the princess locust deserves more respect in the form of skins


totally agree

(Ektope) #46

What princess locust?
That doesn’t actually exist, does it?

(Ektope) #47

This is something I’d personally agree on.


is only a joke from her family but we really need a new skin for she before TC stop adding characters

(Ahvestro) #49


(Admire Vanity) #50

I agree especially for locust. Why not a DeeBee with Sams voice? So it sounds more feminine at the very least.

(Ahvestro) #51

yeah i mean they copy and paste everything else…

(GrubKiller101) #52

Heretic! LOL Not Sam. It was annoying enough that her and Bernie shared some sounds.


@Denial_Princez You are definitely right we do need sum more female characters… especially a FEMALE ONYX GUARD…

(iShaddow) #54

Bring back at least Sofia :peach:

(Furyan76) #55

Yeah… I think a real sexy touch design on female character could be cool.
Warning : just subtlety and sexy, not vulgar or nude… As a sexy civil skin on summer.
Why not…

(RC 5052) #56

I’m surprised they haven’t put Helena Stroud or Carlos Santiago in any of the gears packs or made them available for multiplayer.


I don’t understand why there isn’t a horde queen included or some new female horde character. 2400 scrap is to much repetitive nonsense. Characters should be like 1000 if you insist on this. They’re just avatars. You don’t give any other way to adapt the character.

(MrXboxlivenoob) #59

Considering what they want to do with gears 5, it would be a no brainer to put more female characters in plus it would be more of a variety of characters to play as and would even make people happy.


(Duffman GB) #61

That would be brilliant. I would even go to 4000 credits per rng on that.
Or what would be “reasonable” for money ? £ 5 each/£15 for all 4.

(III EnVii III) #62

I would say £0.99 per character :+1:

You can get some amazing games on iOS for 99p to £4.99.

So skins shouldn’t cost that, especially with the low effort TC likes to put in.