New female characters

(DeathScythe M01) #21

kait COG and Reina COG

(Ektope) #22

Reyna was never COG.
Kait neither, but she could become part of it in Gears of War 5.


zombie myrrah or golden myrrah

(Ektope) #24

First Minister Mina Jinn, she’s never been playable even though featured in Campaign.

(GrubKiller101) #25

Oil overload styleeeeeeee. Plus GOW3 Sam. Oh my word, I’d play this game then.
And No. GOW3 Sam is not in GOW4 even if TC say she is. TC is wrong.

(EVIL 0NE) #26

I hear ya on that… But TC did go over this on a community stream. It would be difficult to put Mina Jinn in multiplayer because what side would you put her on, Cog, or swarm?

Because really she isn’t a villain because she it part of the Cog, but, in the eyes of the the Outsiders she is. So it’s difficult to do. But would be cool to see her added in MP, just don’t know what side, lol…

(Ektope) #27

Outsiders and COG’s are considerably enemies to eachother, different ideologies and factions.
But at least they are human, and mainly fighting the Swarm.
Mina Jinn would have easily been on the COG side in Versus/Multiplayers, she’s a human and we don’t actually have to fight her directly.
Watching the Prologue Chapter in Campaign was just enough to convince she belongs to COG team, while being surrounding by Old COG and giving the speech.
Also, does that mean we might get Jinn as playable character in Gears of War 5, if she is friendly?
Sounds like it.


yes plz

(NightPrince3879) #29

the problem is that they put the robots who are technically COG as enemies in both vs and horde even though they are both fighting the swarm. Jinn should go to the swarm side with COG bots. this would add another female character to the swarm. in gears 4 all the main characters were ether outsider or excog. and you fight both for different reasons even you fight COG fighting swarm and Jinn is going to bring you in or kill you. just a thought as where to put her.

(Ektope) #30

Jinn’s outfit seems to be blue colour, probably Dress Uniform Jinn or something.
It’s very similar to Uniform Cole, Hoffman, Sam… etc.
Since there can be colour confusion, that’s another reason to have Jinn on COG team.

(xValtiel) #31

@EVIL_0NE It really wouldn’t though because we have the COG loathing Griffin on the human side and on top of that we have the shady Prescott. I say throw Jinn on the COG and call it. She’s still fighting the Swarm in the campaign. I don’t see how this is an issue.

(crazychainsaws8) #32

They better make vintage sam, bernie, and myraah too.

(lambent skraam) #33

Female Onyx would be nice. Maybe different skin tones and armor/helmets for the generic ones?

(wastelander 170) #34

That would be good to see some more strong women in gears hopefully some new additions in gears 5 if that is happening.

(alberlumendz) #35

If I would like to see more sexy female characters

(Bleeding Pepper) #36

Exactly. Not all of the characters’ affiliations are clear. Also the characters are specifically categorised as being “COG” and “Swarm”, and there are clearly many characters that don’t fall into either category. The DeeBees are an example of that too. You could even have two variants - Dress Uniform Jinn for the COG side; and DeeBee Proxy Jinn (a DeeBee with a screen-head/face depicting Jinn on the Swarm. Basically it’s not consistent and I don’t think this should be an excuse to not include Jinn.

Although I did read somewhere that apparently Jinn’s skirt would make it very difficult to animate in a way which fits in with the standard hitbox (or something). But that doesn’t sound right either given that many Swarm and Locust characters have that loincloth strip hanging between their legs.

(ol ALEXKING lo) #37

Nah honestly the only female character i would be excited about if they brought her back would be Alicia Valeria

(DeathScythe M01) #38

What about this ladies?
GBL = Grievous bodily love.

Note the girl with a Locust jaw hanging round her neck. They’re locust teeth round the neck of the front girl too. You don’t want to mess with these ladies!


maybe TC do the same what they did with the uirs,

(DLCarr17) #40

Alex Brand is a character I’ve loved since she appeared in the Comics and was the character I used most in Judgment and would love to see her return.

In general MP could use a couple more Female characters but Gears 4 definitely has the most Female representation of any title before.

You can never have enough Butt kicking Women though. :slight_smile: