New female characters

(Denial Princez) #1

please The Coalition more female characters Sofia, Alex Brand, Valera, onyx Female Guard

(chaaze) #2

Wrestling versions would be nice too.

(Denial Princez) #3


(HUG3 N3WB) #4

Please no :roll_eyes:

(Planno360) #5

Please no more wrestlers LUL

(Ektope) #6

Wrestler Kait, and we’re good. :smiley:

(xValtiel) #7

More females. More wrestlers. More blood.

(DoveRainsBlood) #8

The world today doesn’t let us have wrestler kait. We did it to ourselves. Maybe one day we will be worthy.

(ca11um 98) #9

It would be cool if they added female characters from the books, like Anya’s mom in the battle of Aspho Fields.

(Ektope) #10

Helena Stroud?
Well since Uzil Sraak’s coming to game as playable from Rise of RAAM comics, I don’t see why they cannot add Helena either.
It would be nice to see how she looks, in-game.

(HauntingCrow) #11

young bernie and playable berserker

(ca11um 98) #12

Would be really cool if they would, but they’ve only added characters from the comics, as far as I’m aware (although, I’ve only read the first novel so far). I think that’s maybe because they don’t have a physical image to base the character on.
Would be really cool to see Dom’s brother, Carlos, at some point too.

(Mr Dr D34TH) #13

:joy: noooooooo

(Mr Dr D34TH) #14

Oh Yeah :muscle:t2::speaking_head:

(Noila27) #15

Yes this would be good we need more.

(V7K1NG) #16

i would love to see Alex Brand return , shes my second favorite COG (and those who know me know why) right behind Tai

(cribbel) #17

Dom’s wife as a corpse :exploding_head:

(KonTroL RaNgeR) #18

For gow 4 there are a few more females. I am surprised sorta that sofia and paduk didnt make the cut since they were uir

(III EnVii III) #19

Need a golden hunter …

(o Ventus) #20

I really only want Alex Brand and the female Onyx Guard. I can give it take anyone else.