New evidence of trash ranking matchmaking 30ping Lobby

This new problems and bugs is the last straw!

Edit:i wish i coud insta show all clips without the stupid links,dont know how sorry=)

1.When i gib 100% it doesnt count as a gib or hit at all,atleast 10 times in one of each round of koth,on average.
Which is vital to your ranking and the match. trying to gib one grom behind,creeping on to to him unknowingly,and shoot and it wont register,so i do it again and nope again.
The pellets goes trough him but still alive,

And finally his team kills me from behind with ease.

This game is very frustrating when you are outsmarting players and play good,
And the game doesnt co operate with your skillz, Huge Face palm!

the video over here shows how truly bad it is .

In real time and in gifs.

And here

Here is a few gifs:

I got muchnmuch more from the last 3 days,because of these issues i will never,get to place where my skill is.

I have to carry all day with these problems as well. LOL

Clip 1 and 4…you shoot a already dead character, or this on of this down-but-can’t-pick-up glitches, the character is already re-spawned but his downed body is still on the map
Clip 2 and 3…when somebody pick up the breaker mace he has more health, you need more shots to kill/down him
Sad but true.

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