New Events: Escape!

The thought occurred to me playing both Execution 2.0 and Nexus Siege last night (which have both been extremely enjoyable) is that another cool pillar to add events to would be Escape. While it would appear that the creation of new weekly hives has been largely completed at this point, I do think it would be interesting if a larger, themed Hive would be an interesting way to draw attention back to the mode from a PVE perspective. Escape is lots of fun and doing the Dailies and Weeklies is a blast but I think thereā€™s an opportunity to do something unique for that playerbase.

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Interestingā€¦ interesting indeed

Pvp but its escapeā€¦:scream_cat:
Similar to how left4dead worked.

Yeah Iā€™ve always thought it would be cool if TC did a hive version of a raid with a unique weapon skin or something for completing it.