New Esports Characters

Chrome steel Fahz and Scion



Here we go…


Way less cool than Black Steel. I’m will not spend money on these.


Looks crap but enjoy whomever likes them

should have know these prices would be a rip off after those Lambent skins.

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Yeah unfortunately I had the same feeling.

Well, at least it isn’t $20 like people were expecting.

That’s got to be worth something, right?


Black Steel was 100 times better than this imo. That’s unfortunate. I don’t think I’ll be spending anything on these at this time.


Way too much money.


Yeah get outta here with those prices. You can buy an epic skin on free to play league of legends for that price.


People will complain about anything. People were throwing $10 a pop at a chance for a BS character. Yet $15 is too expensive HAHAHAHAHA


These are also just skins, not full characters. After the distinction that TC made between the two, I wonder what the pricing will be for full Characters/Heroes.

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The white steel skins are now called frost or something like that and they are also bringing back black steel

Um, no. Black steel was terrible. It would cost hundreds to get the full set. Black Steel is what made me stop playing 4.


Noticed people are now ignoring the over priced nature of the skins to focus on calling people against the prices “complainers”.

If you like the $15 price point or just don’t care either way, cool, you have that right to either support high priced content or be indifferent towards it. But don’t try to wave that right while telling people they can’t wave their own opposing opinions on it.


I actually suspect characters will be free.

I think it was stated that they’ll be released to be unlocked through challenges, if you don’t want to complete the challenges there will be a monetary option. Not sure if that stance has changed at all.

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I feel like a lot of the people complaining about the $15 price tag are the same people who supported the $10 RNG boxes.

Ive been saying it since Gears 4 that if we talk with our wallets on these things then something will change.


Ok, ok, I understand now. I can agree with you there. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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Thanks for your input. Still doesn’t change my mind I thought the Black Steel was aesthetically better regardless how you obtained them.

Wasn’t your comment I meant to reply to. That’s on me for not quiting, I would have noticed had I.