New esport pack

envi is probably a very happy boi right now

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Who could be happy with those gross skins lmao. It’s surprisingly worse than the last pack

i believe he’s been asking for the palace guard though

-clears throat-

@III_EnVii_III :joy:

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Wait what?

There’s new packs? ???


Store won’t load!!!

I hope I haven’t missed anything.

I’m literally ready to spend money.

Edit 2:

Game crashed on store.


I want to buy some skins please :rofl:

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I was saying last night I can’t wait for new packs.

yeah i assume they pushed pack 12 out because pack 11 wasnt selling so well

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I feel like 11 wasn’t planned until they couldn’t sell the Lambent for money only and did a quick job on those.

I feel like 12 was the pack we were always meant to get.

Plus, I’m sure the BS Flame Grenadier got leaked AGES ago and still isn’t out yet.

Just think of how many starving children could’ve been fed with the amount of money those spend on Esports packs. I guess Esports is more important than children.


You’re worse than the last pack!

When it comes to my Palace Guard…yes, it is. :man_shrugging:


In my personal opinion the esports packs should contain only esport content of characters and skins weapons. (All 5 cards instead of only 3). There is no reason at all to include standard characters, weapons skins or bounties. It is ridiculous that one pays with real money for content that already has one in the game. On the other hand I know they guarentee a character on each pack you bought (good), but that does not guarantee the character that really anyone wants. I understand this is business, there is no problem in that but with everything mentioned above is wrong. In part it is a robbery.


Definitely agree.

No one wants filler.

A 5 Card Pack should be just that.

And a decreasing pool of cards should be standard.

That way, it’s a limited amount needed to get everything.

Or just offer direct purchase / one price for everything.

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