New Escape Hive: Wanderer Typo?

In the description it states “Avoid the invisible Scion” I’m sure it’s meant to say “Invincible”?

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If you didn’t see him, my friend, then you avoided him. Mission accomplished.


A typo is the least of the issues in the game right now and the description is correct.

Most likely a game glitch TC decided not to fix and just run with.

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I like the way you think lol

Is it any surprise tho?

I’d take an invisible faster moving Mulcher Scion over an invincible faster moving Mulcher Scion any day of the week, you know. But I guess that would be too easy. Not that it matters since the best way of “dealing” with it is to lock it away and leave it to reflect on its life choices while you hope the Scion isn’t smart enough to find and use the door switch to the supply cache door.