New escape cards seem very disappointing

This might be just me because I haven’t played anything above advanced yet but the new escape cards seem pretty much useless. Especially because it’s all about the fastest time and not sitting around in the venom.

Dude… I thought the exact same thing… It’s true, you can get held up in the venom when you’re having difficulty… But as you said, the whole point is to finish fast as possible. You won’t even encounter the venom when playing the way they intended it to be played…

What difficulty you playing on. Just curious.

The venom travels A LOT faster at the higher difficulties

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Oh geez. Whats the one above insaine? I’m pretty sure it’s one above that? And yeah I understand the venom moves very fast at higher difficulties. I already use the more damage done in venom card for Mac. It definitely comes in handy. It’s just that I saw a youtube vid recently where they moved so fast, it made me realize how much faster some runs could be done. Likely negating the benifit of said card… Just my two cents.