New Escape Cards Not Unlocking

Anyone else not get the new cards after the game updated? All 3 characters that it applies to at level 16 and climbing and none of the cards in after update. Says in newsflyer they unlock at lower levels. Submitted a support ticket, see how it goes. Curious if it happened to anyone else?

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They mentioned that it could take up to 48 hours from Update to roll out. Even I’m waiting for them too.

“If you have already passed the level requirements for the Skill Cards, we will be retroactively rolling out these new Skill Cards to eligible players within 48 hours of our Title Update releasing.”


Thank you man. I appreciate the insight and found it helpful. I was super excited for Keegan’s new resupply card. Not a big fan of the mac bleed nerf, but whatever.

Honestly escape is all I play in 5, so I was like ughhhh this again lol. Oh well

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Mac had a nerf to his Bloody Shot? Really? I hadn’t noticed. But I will check it out soon.

I’m looking forwards to Keegan’s Explosive Resupply in Venom too and Lahni’s Melee Bleed in Venom. It’s called Venom Blade. Gonna try to max them out to Level 5 as soon as possible. Hopefully, she takes over Emile’s role.

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Emile’s bleed, knife and stim are about all that makes him viable. I completed 2 masters recently with Lahni and kept saying cant wait for her brawler bleed. I agree. Wait till you try mac out now. Especially on that new one for masters, ughhhhhh. Boltock blah now.

I found her quite useful in the hunters master run.

Not many people can say this, and I don’t mean to brag. I have maxed out Mac, Keegan, Lahni and Emile to Level 18 and all their cards are Level 5’s. I was currently working on Level 16 Kat and her Legendaries. I’m still gonna do Sarah afterwards and get the new Skill cards for Hivebusters to Level 5 as well. But after this Update, I find it’s gonna take me longer and slightly more difficult, But I have beaten Master for Hive, Mines, Gauntlet and Hunters.

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The gauntlet is one I would like to do. Only one I am missing. I’m trying to push Keegan’s shredder to level 4 atm, 2 away. Weirdly I have his healing mod at 4 already.

Mac I think those shield cards are well not that great. You played it enough, you know how people “run” shield on masters. His boltock is A game.

I love lahni, and completely agree with I hope she takes over Emile’s role. They’re the hivebusters man. I get it hes good with stim and bleed but it just had that not gears this is dumb feel to me. No offense what so ever to anyone.

All at 5? That’s not bragging man, that’s the escape grind. Kudos on that. Hmu if you ever need a 3rd. Always trying to improve.

I have noticed the Legendaries getting maxed out before Epic cards for Hivebusters.

I looked now and you were right. They nerfed Bloody Shot from 100% down to 60%. So instead of two perfect active headshots on Drones, it might take three.

Oh dude dont get me started lol. I had him down to a science with that boltock. 1 head 1 body shot for xy… just knew the formula. But this…ughhhh.

Dude he is what pushes through the line on those hard spawns bleed for lahnis thrill of the hunt. They worked so good together. I felt like ok this is one of the things they got right. I beat it on insane today and was like wtf was that.

Not into that surge map either. They’re getting lazy already. Just put salvo scions and a bunch of ammo to the right. Make it short. 1 power push, a 3 way cross…out the door.

Yeah, Mac did seem like the driving force of the team. But I don’t use Thrill of the Hunt. Don’t find it that useful.

This Surge Map, I haven’t gotten to the end. I think it’s better to wait for video guide or something. So I don’t waste time, attempting it for hours or days.

It also turns out, if Weekly Hive moves to Past Hive, it will still count towards Challenge Hive Medal.

What would you recommend for lahni builds? Would appreciate the insight.

That maps easy man, right, ammo on right, saferoom, right, watch the intersection, right, done. It’s super short.

I was curious about that with the medals. Good to know.

s im sorry if this was answered, but should these just appear?

I’ve only done the surge a couple times but I did notice there are like 3 different routes you can take to the safe room, each with their own ammo rooms. Wasn’t one shocks/ammo boxes, dropshots/explosive boxes, and embar/frags?

Anyway my first run through I was underwhelmed. But the last couple times I appreciated it more. Seems the scion spawns are wildly different per match but haven’t played enough to figure out what’s actually happening there.

All in all it’s a nice change from the last 2 challenge hives IMO. I usually play with lower level randoms so it’s rare that I find an insane and up run “easy” and so far this hasn’t been an exception.

As far as the card changes, I really hope they quit screwing with that stuff now. I want to know that if I spend scrap on upgrading a card, that that card is going to stay the way it is and it won’t end up being a pointless upgrade down the road after they nerf it.

My take is that they decided too many people are mastering the hives. That’s cool, but I wish they would have figured this stuff out in testing. No more changes to existing cards, TC.

Can someone here please let me know of all the escape skins that have been given out so far? I think I missed one :frowning:

Oh so you can’t receive one of the new escape cards if you haven’t been given the first one yet? That sucks. Hopefully it get’s added to our accounts soon, for those over the level the cards were given.

Islander Lahni, Delivery Driver Mac (Popular Demand :smile:), and Quarter Master Keegan.

I uninstalled 5. As stated above will reinstall in a day or 2 and hopefully base card is unlocked. Escape is all I play, and if I’m not unlocking or progressing, I’m not playing that game.

Hopefully it gets sorted out, wasn’t there today either when I checked. What can yah do.

I don’t think reinstalling is going to do anything dude. The game syncs server side. So it won’t be anything you can do on your end.

This is why you can log into an Xbox or pc with the same account (even on someone else’s console/pc) and have access to all your stuff.

Yeah good old cloud technology. You are correct. Try again in a day or so.

Mine was all good a few hours ago. Might want to log in and check yours.