New enemy patterns in Horde: interesting


Ok, so after yesterday, s update Wardens are regular wave 8 and 9 enemies, flock is a miniboss which appears two at the same time, and all enemy types appear mixed in… And there appear to be more dangerous enemies (we had 6 or 7 dropshot scions in one wave, last night)…

The game definitely got more interesting… And tougher …

I think the frags being thrown in is the most dangerous addition…

Hmmm… It definitely shakes things up… No complaints so far, lol…


I opened a wave 4 for a quick daily and I had bolters, sires and 3 drop scions…I ended up playing several waves just for fun.

The new Horde is freaking awesome.


Only played on elite so far but it certainly seems tougher…which is a good thing. Just wiped on Frenzy wave 8 facing a Swarmak, Wakatuu plus a neo mauler and guards.

Glad someone has made a thread to discuss the changes. Should help the main man gather his feedback.

Playing yesterday solo on elite it felt straight forward enough against the deebee set of enemies mixed with locust troops and scions. However, playing on beginner via frenzy matchmaking afterwards against the swarm hunter starter enemy set mixed with locust and man, not gonna lie, we were struggling. Felt a little too stressful for beginners. Plenty of action though :slight_smile:

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Did a 50 wave with a couple friends last night on advanced and it was pretty chaotic. Some waves had several scions at the same time, plenty of DR-1’s and locust mixed and enemies with chainsaws and retro lancers. And just when I thought I could go out and grab some power a flame grenadier was waiting to burn me to a crisp! This is a welcome change.


I like it, more challenging and a bigger variety of enemies. Thank you TC.


Noticed those changes as well and I like it.

I like it as well

Played harbor on advanced as nomad and it was a good challenge

I still mess up the Grenades when I play Slugger and there’s a Grenades Locust throwing a Frag to me.

I like the new challenge but it makes playing with useless randoms more painful than ever.

It’s a shame 90% of my gears team no longer play and nothing is making them come back.

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Last night’s daily, triple headshot damage, is usually one of the easiest daily modifiers. I started up a match as Architect with two Marksmen and two Veterans and figured, oh this’ll be easy.

We wiped I think four times before finally beating it. Just enemies you don’t expect, grenades throwing you out of position, and a random ■■■ drone wielding a Dropshot that downed everyone in the Vet’s ult… It’s kind of exhilarating.

I’m excited once I finish moving to try mastering every map all over again.


Same here. That i put down to the grind. Hopefully the next horde will ditch the levelling of classes and cards and start everyone on the same footing.

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Agree, my only other request is a greater number of enemies per wave, even when they are “worth more/bigger” hopefully this can be realised in the new systems with Horde 5.0

But even with that, great to see Horde get some genuine love from TC…well at least someone from TC.



Wave variety is somewhat boring. Lack of differences and lack of Swarm and robots is evident. Needs fixing.

But the new difficulty and strategy used is welcomed.

My buddy ole pal @SNAKEYWAKEY389 got outplayed by a cryo wielding Palace Guard last night :joy:

its a lot more interesting than what it was before, that much I’ll say about it.


It was crazy. He just walked up to it, picked it up and then he froze me. Next thing I knew, I got shattered by Claws. Needless to say, I didn’t see that coming.

I did see one pick up a Mulcher earlier but luckily he got EMBAR griefed so he dropped it.


Loving the enemy ‘remix’ as I like to call it. A lot more variety of enemy types each wave, and the new combinations are much more challenging than before. Horde is now tougher, but without nerfs, AND refreshing all at the same time! Absolutely love it.

I’ll agree a bit that on a set-to-set basic, they all DO seem a bit samey right now, but this is mostly just aesthetic, I believe. The gameplay is is still there.

I do think that the standard Swarm Hammerburst and Longshot Drones should be brought back to re-replace the Locust versions on at least one set. I’m thinking of the one with Imagos and Leeches. I believe that this is the same wave with Swarm Elite Grenadiers and Elite Snipers. It would still be nice to have a mostly Swarm-themed set, just as there is still a mostly DB-themed set as well.

Also, is this the same set with Elite Hunters to fit? Can’t remember, still need to play more. And has anyone seen the Swarm Gnasher Grenadiers? Their extra helmets keep them feeling different from the Locust ones, in addition to the lack of Boltok.

I really like how the Locust-themed set, and IMO Juvies and Locust Hybrids with their Retros supported by Bolters all look really great together. As far as I can tell, if I am remembering right, there are still Locust Hammerburst Drones and Locust Snipers in this set, so I think that bringing back the Swarm versions in the other set would certainly do all this remixing good, even if only for aesthetic reasons.

Is it just me or do Locust look REALLY good next to the Scions, which are just bigger versions of them? I especially mean the Locust Hammerburst Drones next to Mulcher Scions, as they actually have similar arnor setups. Also, standard bare-chested Locust Grenadiers next to Boomshot/Dropshot Scions who are also bare-chested.

Lastly, gameplay. The Chainsaws really aren’t that bad. They prefer to shoot you from mid-range and will usually only decide to rev the chainsaw up if you hang around nearby a tad too long. If you rush them fast enough, or keep aware of enough to anticipate it, you generally don’t have to worry about getting insta-killed. You can also interrupt the rev animation like what happens to players. @TC_MichaelAOS was there consideration for CQC classes when these were brought in? They feel really well implemented and honestly balanced for the most part as is.

Then, Wardens. I like the heavy flusher unit they have become (and kinda didn’t realize Gears 5 lacked…). But I think that they might need a slight tweak to adjust, particularly their health IMO needs nerfed to be a bit more on par with Scions. Otherwise, they seem great.

Absolutely loving this, and I look forward to the Lambent set when it gets added along with the Buzzkill Scions that will join them.


Just popped in for the daily today but I must say that for us who have been playing nothing but horde since game release this was definitely a welcome change! Looking forward to be having more time for gaming!

Horde Frenzy, last wave with a Kestrel and… Flock!? Welcome back, Flock!


Excellent, sounds good to me.

Played on master it was maybe wave 6 I saw about 4 dropshots right in front of me as I rolled away, straight into a thrown grenade.

Pissed in the moment that I died but it definitely adds some needed tension