New Enemies and their weapons

Scions would be riding Snatchers, they are simply too big for a Pouncer. I remember at one point i kept forgetting what the Pouncer was called, so i re-named it baby Snatcher.

Well, I never said a Scion would ride a Pouncer(unless misremembering). That just wouldn’t work. Although a Pouncer also isn’t the most ideal creature to ride as it was mentioned before that its quills would probably hit whatever Swarm Drone was riding it if it tried to fire them.

And a Scion would have a hard time riding a Snatcher and not getting flung into space before falling back down and making one heck of a gory mess on the ground if the Snatcher jumped 20+ meters into the air and a ridiculously far distance after a downed target.

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The Scion could just ride the Snatcher from inside… but that means Snatcher won’t be able to kidnap people.

“Bigger on the inside, smaller on the outside.” - Doctor Who.

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I don’t see what use it would be. The Scion couldn’t shoot from inside the Snatcher or it would kill its own ride.

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You’re very welcome. A proper tutorial should’ve been made for horde and escape to explain everything, but unfortunately it never happened.
It seems like everyone wants to see swarm riders now🤣. I think the only enemy capable of riding a pouncer or a snatcher would be a juvie or many of them. They are small so they won’t fall in line of fire when on the creature, and they are so fast and evasive so i think they’ll be able to hold on without falling.
Haha, maybe a popper riding a pouncer, the pouncer shoots the popper with the spikes and sends the popper flying towards us then blowing up😂. But no don’t add that it’s just a joke, the entire community will hate me if something like that gets added😂

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It would be possible to have a carry on, the Snatcher itself can jump, well, what is the record so far, i have seen one jump from one side of Allfathers to the other . Anyone seen the thing jump further.
And look at how the Snatcher is designed, technically it should not be able to jump more than it own body length, double at most, the legs are just wrong, almost dagger like at the tips. Anyone, or anything jumping any sort of length with that body, the shape and weight, it would sink in to the ground, even if it bracers for the landing, which is another thing, how come the bloody thing never bouncers when it lands, after all, it has a low lying belly. I am over thinking this, am i not…

Imagine this:

A harnessed Snatcher with two sets of stirrups, and two hand-holds on either side. It can carry four drones on its sides, or two scions. The enemies hold their weapons with one hand, and hold onto the Snatcher with their other hand. As soon as the Snatcher enters the battlefield, the smaller enemies hop down and start fighting as normal.

EDIT: Also, these armored Snatchers could have their armor shot off. The armor would make the beast even more resistant to shots, and stop the first headshot from an explosive weapon.


Two Pouncers pulling a chariot for a couple Scions or several drones. The chariot could hold a turret (maybe a mulcher). As soon as they enter the battlefield, the Swarm unleashes the Pouncers and either dismount from the chariot, or they use it as turret platform.

This lets the Swarm move heavy weapons around quickly, and traverse large open spaces faster.

Heck, the Swarm could just bio-engineer Barge Beasts to ride around on. Put a bunch of Scions, turrets, and mortars around the side. Treat it as their equivalent of a Covenant Scarab. That’s way cooler than a Swarmak.

And then there’s the possibility that the Swarm could bio-engineer something like Reavers, then fly those around.