New Enemies and their weapons

This may have been posted already, but, I have some ideas for new enemies for a possible Gears 5 story dlc and future games.

Swarm Rangers: these swarm enemies patrol in and around the hive. Their weapon of choice is the Retro Lancer.

Bioids: these enemies are blind so they are attracted to noise. When they find their prey they let out a very high pitched screech that deafens nearby Gears. Bioids are Humans that failed the Swarm Evolution in pods.

Grabbers: these creatures cling onto walls and wait until a being passes by it and unleashes it’s tongue that grabs it’s prey and devours it.

Worms: the worms are not swarm but they are tamed by them, worms jump up from the ground, then they burrow underneath enemies and eat them.

Swarm Priests: These swarm enemies teach the hive about their ancestors, they are evolved Kantuses. weapon of choice is Spear.

Swarm Heroes: these are the rarest swarm enemies yet, heroes were veteran gears. weapon of choice is Lancer and Gnasher

Swarm Guards: these swarm enemies protect Queen Reyna.

Swarm Brutes: these swarm enemies are very tough and tall, their weapons of choice are a giant sword and giant hammer.


I hope they get rid of leeches.


80% of these already exist. Try playing the game, and you will see.
The worms thing is a terribly idea, we got enough with the bloody Leeches.


“We’ll pass it along to team.”


That phrase was retired.

I like this but Soem are already in the game. Cog veterans is a awesome idea, grabbers sounds like left 4 dead. Still cool though

Plz, no more fodder enemies, the ammo economy is ■■■■■■ as it is.

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I like some of your idea. I do think they need more enemy type. They need more melee enemies. In the story the locusts turn into the swarm but i was wondering if the BEAST the locusts control survived. The Giants Serapede, ticker, blood mount and savage corpser. Mabye the locusts didn’t control all the beast and some off the beast escape away from the locusts and lambent. Reduce in number due to the war but mabye slowly repopulate and may return.

P.S. Ive though of one enemy .
Swarm saboteur- main focus is to destroy fortifications. Doesn’t attak player Intel it the last enemy. Just mainly a enemy for horde. Mabye they get a special gernade that disabled the sentry turret , shock turret and lazer barrier for about 10 seconds.

I don’t see the old Locust beasts coming back, but they could be riding things like Pouncers
I think Pouncer Riders would be cool

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With the pouncer pouncing around I’d doubt the riders will stay on top of the pouncers​:joy::joy:

The idea you just put into my head is quite amusing, seeing Swarm fly off Pouncers that leapt into the air. Or Scions attempting to ride Snatchers that spotted a downed target and jump ridiculous distances to it.

People need to stop stealing Dana’s catchphrase. I get it, it’s almost become meme material at this point, but still.

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Put a cowboy hat on the swarm riders, it’ll make it like a mechanical bull machine

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They would get impaled or backstabbed when Pouncers do the quill attack.

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Like to add lancer,this way we might get some more ammo,when ammo boxes have been used☺️

I’d rather see juveniles of the Pouncers (which are themselves juveniles of Snatchers), and the Carriers.

Something makes snot doors and glues weapons to walls/ceilings. Something digs the Nests and fills them with biomass. And what do those things look like? What makes them so stealthy thus far?

Stealthier enemies and larger enemy waves would do a lot to make the Swarm as interesting as the Locust.

Oh no please, remember the drone elites in gears 4? You know how many times i survived the impossible only to get chainsawed😂

Oh I forgot about gears 4 :slight_smile:sorry my friend,so did I when on 25 waves with elites no wonder they are called that for some reason,sorry again my friend

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Lol no worries, they also grenade tagged us, they were extremely over powered.
About the ammo, marcus has ammo regeneration perk, that with a weapon locker would be enough.
I wish every character can build and upgrade his own locker, in that way if the engineer doesn’t care or is new to the game, other players will still be able to keep their heavy weapons and refill ammo

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Thank you my friend,for the info on Marcus regen perk,I will add this next time I play him,I’m really still learning the card system getting it right.thanks again

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