New Difficulty Settings

From the Escape gameplay, I noticed different names for difficulty setting.

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert and Elite.

What’s the correct order? I gathered those names from different Escape streams. But they didn’t show changing difficulty setting though. I’m guessing it’s:

Casual = Beginner
Normal = Intermediate
Hardcore = Advanced
Insane = Expert
Inconceivable = Elite

Am I right that this is the correct order with equivalent difficulties?

Why would they change this? The difficulty settings were kinda unique to Gears. Since Gears 1 to 4, they had their own names for difficulty settings. It’s like saying to someone, “Wanna join for Incon Horde?” But instead, you say “Wanna join for Elite Horde?” Awkward… “Let’s do Insane.” What difficulty is Insane again? Expert… it’s too confusing.


If the campaign/Horde difficulties are renamed as well, can only assume that it would be so it’s easier for newer players to understand where each difficulty stands in relation to each other.

Guitar Hero had always used Easy/Medium/Hard/Expert, but Guitar Hero Live went and changed it too.

From what I understand there are more difficulty levels, and also you dont just change the difficulty like the other gears, the difficulty is based on the difficulty of the mutators used and the amount of mutators used.

The reason for change seems to be just for more customization, so that you can play on expert but the enemy’s don’t have double heath or they don’t do double damage, and also when your in the match browser it would be annoying to have to check every game to see if the match is using the mutators you want so instead there’s a difficulty tag so you can have a better idea of how difficult the game will be and then you can look for a group that has the exact mutators you want.

At least thats how it was described by TC.

I believe Nodezero said there were eight difficulties now. But from the ones you gave, sounds like an accurate order

I am guessing that mutilators are back which influenced the change and the additional difficulties

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I think you’re spot on with this.

Possibly to make it easier for new players to understand the difficulties, perhaps?

I agree though, the unique names gave Gears it’s own flavour similar to Halo and it’s settings.

I found the names for all the difficulty’s, they are as follows:
Beginner = 0 mutators
Intermediate = 1 mutator
Experienced = 2 mutators
Advanced = 3 mutators
Elite = 4 mutators
Insane = 5 mutators
Inconceivable = 6 mutators
Master = 7 mutators

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Where do you find this?

If that’s true, then I’m wondering how this might apply to Campaign, Versus and Horde. Whether Campaign and Horde could have Mutators and for replayability.

I thought I saw Expert Difficulty in one of the Escape streams. It’s not on your list.

This video at 0:59 they show all the difficulty’s.