New Dev Playlist Feedback

First off, props to TC! Great work on the new tunings and bringing some true skill to Gears 5. (My aim needs some work now lol) Here’s my pros and cons and my suggestions for improvements.


• Up A’s are less OP and more punishable
• Shotty battles feel harder, more rewarding to win
• Not getting killed by ppl not who look like they aren’t aiming directly at me nearly as often
• Lancer magnetism reduction feels a lot better
• Good gnasher consistency improvements
• The game is starting to feel more like what Gears of War Versus Multiplayer is supposed to be!


• Ppl meleeing more because they can’t hit shots, needs nerfed
• Gib range is still slightly too big
• Slide speed is pretty slow, Increase from 600 units to about 615. This speed only feels decent and responsive with Single Stick Movement.
• Lancer damage nerf is good but it’s still kinda OP with 40 round clips
• Sticky cover bug makes slower movement feel way too clunky

General Suggestions For Improvements

• If we’re sticking to slower slide speed, input lag/delay needs improved, sticky cover needs to go, roadie run delay for defaulternate users needs removed, Delay when shooting after roadie running needs shortened/removed, and the delay after rolling needs shortened/removed. DELAYS IN GENERAL ARE ANNOYING!

Make the game feel the same way for everyone. I play on Classic Alt remapped back to Tournament controls then remapped to my paddles for my Elite Controller just to avoid delays when wallbouncing, only to have it create other delays when Roadie running or Active Reloading for example. No one should have to do all that nonsense. Why can’t I just play on the control scheme I want to without having to choose between wall bouncing or roadie strafing?

Having delays on certain actions on certain control schemes has been very annoying since launch. TC needs to make it so the game feels the same for everyone! Not being able to Roadie Strafe is frustrating. Level the playing field. Give the benefits of Single Stick Movement to every player in the game!

• Overall, I think the biggest issues still plaguing Gears 5 are map designs which encourage cross Lancering play styles, net code, servers, and ping difference.

Thanks for reading if you stuck around till the end. Sorry that was long but I feel like everything I talked about was relevant. Let me know if you agree or disagree with any of my opinions!

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