New Del tracker ball powers?

With the announcement today that Del will finally receive a buff come Op 5, I’m sure Del users are excited about the possibilities. While the announcement didn’t specifically say he would receive cards to buff the tracker balls of his reinforce ultimate, I immediately think of this since his ultimate is underpowered anyway. Here are some of my ideas for cards to buff his ultimate:

  1. Tracker ball count - card does what it says and increases the tracker ball count with each level (Oh, and if there’s too many tracker balls onscreen, then maybe they will need to rebalance so it resets the count without the card, so it doesn’t get too out of hand. )

  2. Bleeding tracker balls - tracker balls cause bleed damage that increases at each level

  3. Predator tracker ball - Del remotely controls a more powerful, more explosive tracker ball, that increases in damage and explosive range with each level

  4. Healing tracker ball - Del summons a tracker with healing aura that follows and stays near Del, healing the team until destroyed by an enemy. Each new level increases either a) life of the tracker ball, b) range of the healing aura, c) speed of the healing

  5. Concussive tracker balls - tracker balls stun enemies for X amount of seconds, increasing at each level

  6. Explosive tracker balls - increases explosive range of tracker balls

Tracker ball cards can be stacked creating some interesting combinations (e.g. a healing tracker ball while Del controls the predator, a predator tracker ball that also bleeds and stuns, a super-explosive, concussive, bleeding predator). What are your ideas for Del’s tracker balls? Surely, some people here are more imaginative than I. I’m interested in reading more wild ideas.

I’d actually like to see the idea of his current ultimate dropped and be given something less underwhelming.

Should probably relate to a boost in fortification damage or something.

Would be kinda useless in Escape though unless he pulls out a mobile Sentry. And the dev stream mainly or only talked about Del in regards to that mode.

Any chance these cards can be upgraded using the extra cards I already have? I really am burned out completely from the grind for cards.

I like this idea. The tracker balls are such a disagree to the words “Ultimate Ability.” I agree they need some love.

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Good to know.

Maybe buff all weapons (including fortifications) within a specified distance.

Interesting that they kept talking about buffing Del for Escape in OP5, when they should have been saying the now generic class with Del’s skill set in OP5 will be buffed.


True, but they did mention a few times on stream they would be changed to a class name, and presumably they didn’t want to confuse people calling him something that isn’t listed in the game yet.